Copers Cope Police Newsletter June 2016

Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhood Team

Telephone 0208 721 2772
Please note these are not monitored 24/7. In an emergency please call 999 or if the matter is non urgent but requires a Police response please dial 101

The borough priority is to reduce MOPAC 7 Crimes. The MOPAC 7 priority crimes are crimes which have a high impact on victims, they are: burglary, criminal damage, robbery, theft from a motor vehicle, theft from a person, theft of a motor vehicle and violence with injury.

For more information visit:

Our Promises to you

We set our promises at our regular Ward Panel Meetings where we meet with representatives from the community to discuss the local priorities. If you would like to take an active role in helping to improve your local community then contact us about joining. We would love to hear from you.

1. Traffic, We have conducted speed check operations in the Beckenham area.
2. Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) street drinkers. We patrol areas where this has taken place and use powers available to us to combat this problem.

3. Tackle Shoplifting, we are developing a business watch scheme with local shops and conduct regular High Street patrols.

Team News

What has the team been up to?

The team has contacted Bromley council to trim and tidy up the shrubs and overgrown areas between St. Georges Church and Beckenham Green. This area has been used by some of our street drinkers hiding their alcohol. This area and the High Street is an alcohol exclusion zone and anyone caught drinking alcohol can expect to have their drink taken away and disposed off.

We have begun a Business Watch scheme to aid local shops in identifying local shoplifting suspects. We will be giving shops pictures of suspects (no names) who are known to frequent the High Street. This will be an ongoing project and hopefully see a reduction in shop lifting offences.

We have finally managed to get a new Copers Cope Ward Panel together and will be holding a meeting in the near future. If you wish to join our ward panel please contact the team.

Upcoming Events

  •   Wed 29th June: Public Surgery at Waitrose Southend Road 12.00 – 1.00
  •   Sat 30th July: Public Surgery at Waitrose Southend Road 4.00 – 5.00
  •   Tues 23rd August: Public Surgery at Waitrose Southend Road 12.00 – 1.00
  •   Wed 28th September: Public Surgery at Waitrose Southend Road 1.00 – 2.00

Bromley Safer Transport team also hold regular cycle marking events across the bromley borough details of future events can be found on:

Staff / Policing Changes

PC Steve Allen has now retired after 30 years. Steve had spent the last 20 years of his service working on the Bromley borough with the majority of that time serving Beckenham residents. I like to wish him good luck with what he decides to to in the future.

All of Bromley’s Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT’s) now consist of a Dedicated Ward Police Officer, a Dedicated Ward PCSO. They are supported by 5 separate Neighbourhood Tasking Teams that will work alongside the SNT’s across the borough as well as a myriad of other police resources that are able to support us tackle local issues.

Bromley Safer Neighbourhood’s Teams will be managed by Inspector Gary Byfield, with the Copers Cope team and other North West cluster of teams being supervised by Sergeant Rob Goodwin. Inspector Byfield’s profile can be seen below.

Inspector Gary Byfield, Safer Neighbourhoods, Bromley Operational Command Unit

Born in London, a family man and a resident of Bromley. I first started serving Bromley community as a Metropolitan Police Special in 1984 before joining full time in 1987.

I began on Greenwich Borough serving as a front line officer for 12 years. I moved on to the Dog Support Unit as a Dog Handler and instructor for 7 years before transferring on promotion as Sergeant in 2005 to Bromley Borough. I gained experience on Response Team, Custody and Safer Neighbourhoods and In 2009 I joined the Specialist

Firearms Command SC&O19. I served on pan London firearms operations and on the Community & Partnership Unit to improve public confidence and reassurance in armed policing to Lords, MPs and local communities until being promoted to Inspector in January 2015 to Bexley Borough on Response Team. I requested to transfer to Bromley Borough and on 5th February 2016 took on the role of Safer Neighbourhood Inspector.

I am excited about my new role and the challenges it brings. My aim is to provide a visible dedicated professional team of officers engaging with local communities and partners concentrating on reducing crime and increase confidence by dealing with local problems. I look forward to meeting with you all over the coming months.

General Crime Overview

We are always looking for residents to join our Neighbourhood Watch and also for people to act as co-ordinators in their local area. If you are interested in helping to make Beckenham a safer place then please contact us on the details above. You can make a real difference in making Beckenham a safer place.

Our main problem at the moment is shoplifting in the High Street. We are hoping to combat this by means of regular patrols we have also started a business watch scheme where we share images of known suspects with shops and encouraging the use of the shop safe radio that several shops use to contact local Police and Bromley cctv.

Burglary also continues to be a main issue, particulary garage and shed burglaries. These offences have been taken place recently in areas close to The Drive and Rectory Road.

Vehicle crime, theft from motor vehicles, in particular vans where tools have been taken. If you are having any work done at your address please warn the owner to lock their vehicles and to have any valuables hidden from view.

Our locally complied crime statistics can be sent separately if you wish to receive these please contact us on the details above. Please note these are compliled by the local team and may vary slightly from those supplied by others.

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