adult community health services in Bromley – SURVEY

NHS Bromley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is the organisation responsible for planning and paying for many of the health services you will use in Bromley.  The CCG is seeking views from adults who use community health services.   The CCG wants to learn more about their experiences using these services. Whether they are a patient or care for a friend or family member using the services. The feedback will help the CCG ensure that the services meet the needs of people in Bromley.  

You might have already been asked some general questions about these services in a previous surveys. This survey includes some further questions  to better understand your experience and opinions.

Please be assured that all responses to this survey will be anonymous, strictly confidential and will not be attributed to individuals in any way.

You can reach the online survey here or you can take part over the phone by calling 0800 085 4879. 

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