Copers Cope Police Newsletter – August 2016

Copers Cope Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT

  • Telephone 0208 721 2772
  • Email:
  • Please note these are not monitored 24/7. In an emergency please call 999 or if the matter is non urgent but requires a Police response please dial 101

Copers Cope PCs

  • Police Sergeant Rob Goodwin PS 16 PY
  • Police Constable Fabio Zema PC 318PY
  • Police Community Support Officer Julie Oldfield PCSO 7256PY

The borough priority is to reduce MOPAC 7 Crimes. The MOPAC 7 priority crimes are crimes which have a high impact on victims, they are: burglary, criminal damage, robbery, theft from a motor vehicle, theft from a person, theft of a motor vehicle and violence with injury.

Our Promises to you

We set our promises at our regular Ward Panel Meetings where we meet with representatives from the community to discuss the local priorities. If you would like to take an active role in helping to improve your local community then contact us about joining. We would love to hear from you.

1. Parking around the Citroen garage in Copers Cope Road, we have patrolled the area to check on any vehicles that are parked illegally. We are also in contact with the council parking wardens.

2. Tackle Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in West Gate Road, street drinkers & dog fouling around The Green & St. George’s Church. We patrol areas where this has taken place and use powers available to us to combat these problems.

3. Pubs & Clubs on the weekend, there are on going operations to tackle problems involving rowdy anti social behaviour. We are also in contact with the different bars and cctv so we know where the problems are coming from.

Team News

What has the team been up to?

On Thursday 7th the Copers Cope SNT worked along side the British Transport Police and British Railway enforcement officers at the Beckenham Jnt Station.

Our aim was to assist the enforcement officers with any passengers who may have been travelling without payment and also to spot any known suspects who travel into our area using the railway network, known shop lifters, gang members and others who intend to commit crime in Beckenham.

The team has made several arrests during the month notably for shop lifting offences. The team has also recovered a stolen moped this has now been restored to the rightful owner.

We have been in contact with the Citroen Garage in Copers Cope Road and there is definitely an improvement outside the premises regarding parked vehicles.

Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns in the area.

For more news and if you are use Twitter please follow PC Zema on @MPSBeckenham

Upcoming Events

  • Tues 23rd August: Public Surgery at Waitrose Southend Road 12.00 – 1.00
  • Wed 28th September: Public Surgery at Waitrose Southend Road 1.00 – 2.00

As well as having drop-in surgeries in Waitrose we will also be arranging dates once a month in Star Bucks. If you fancy a coffee and a chat please come and join us. We will put out dates in future letters.

Bromley Safer Transport team also hold regular cycle marking events across the bromley borough details of future events can be found on:

General Crime Overview

We are always looking for residents to join our Neighbourhood Watch and also for people to act as co-ordinators in their local area. If you are interested in helping to make Beckenham a safer place then please contact us on the details above. You can make a real difference in making Beckenham a safer place.

Shoplifting offences appear to be improving in the High Street in the last month. We will continue with regular patrols and liase with shops and encourage the use of the shop safe radio. The business watch scheme seems to be working and we have had a few calls from shops where suspects have been recognized.

Burglary continues to be a main issue, particulary garage and shed burglaries. These offences have been taken place recently in areas close to Copers Cope Road and The Avenue. The most vulnerable and where offences have been taken place are those who have garages that are en-bloc to flats.

Vehicle crime, theft from motor vehicles, in particular vans where tools have been taken. If you are having any work done at your address please warn the owner to lock their vehicles and to have any valuables hidden from view.

Phone thefts have occurred recently in areas such as parks in the Bromley borough. Some of these offences have come about due to the new ‘Pokemon Go’ craze that has started where suspects are robbing victims whilst using the their phones using the new app. If you or anyone you know plays this game please be aware.

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