Mini Roundabout Work Copers Cope Rd due to start Mon 6 March 2017

Works are due to start at the Junction of Copers Cope and Bridge Roads to install a new mini roundabout, pedestrian refuges and associated signage and surfacing. Weather permitting the contractors will commence resurfacing this Monday 6th March. 

The work will necessitate the closing of Bridge Rd. for approximately 2 days and redirecting traffic. 

Given the current road works at Beckenham Junction this will have a major impact on local traffic, particularly causing congestion in Southend Rd, Blakeney Rd and at Beckenham Junction.

Bromley Council confirm that traffic engineers will make sure that all necessary signage is in place and attempt to keep disruption to a minimum.

One thought on “Mini Roundabout Work Copers Cope Rd due to start Mon 6 March 2017

  1. The timing of Bromley Council’s road works at Bridge Road to coincide with so- called town centre improvements represents appalling planning and will cause maximum disruption. Proposed pavement widening in the town centre will also condemn the high street to long term congestion and poor air quality as traffic filters are being removed. Junction widths need urgently reinstating to allow smooth traffic flow and discounted parking to entice passing trade. Businesses and residents will suffer under current proposals.
    There has been no attempt to warn traffic with on the ground signs about Bridge Road so that they could avoid the area at the start of next week, Beckenham deserves better and should work towards establishing its own governance as once again a remote Bromley shows its lack of interest in Beckenham’s interests.

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