Help us win £50,000 for Beckenham Green

Beckenham Green is our town square; a place to bring the community together for recreation, business, learning and events. We want to improve this space so it will be used and enjoyed by more people.

Crowdfund London provides an opportunity to pitch new ideas for community-led projects to make your local area even better. The Mayor wants to back the best crowdfunding campaigns with pledges of up to £50K.

Using the £200K plus that has already been spent on Beckenham Green as part of the improvement scheme, the £35K Bromley Council have committed to spend on a stage canopy, plus the in-kind contributions of local volunteers the Copers Cope Area Residents Association have created a bid requesting up to £50K from the Mayor of London’s fund.

We spoke to Crownfund London and they loved our idea :-).  If our project, “Beckenham Green – Community of Commons” gets over 100 backers to show it has local support, we have a really good chance of winning up to £50k, so please pledge your support.

Pledge here:

Beckenham Green – Community of Commons

We want to create a ‘community of commons’ in the heart of the town, on Beckenham Green. ‘Commons’ are cultural and natural resources open to everyone. Beckenham Green is our natural resource, but it is underused and requires landscaping and recreational improvements.

Bromley Council are funding a Stage Canopy on Beckenham Green. This will be a great cultural focal point. To get the best use out of it we need to additional equipment to enable a diverse range of community groups to run activities on Beckenham Green.

What we will do with £50K

  • Temporary tables and chairs for events
  • Family activities and games
  • Portable equipment to support various events
  • Temporary traditional market stalls
  • Storage unit for the community equipment
  • Improved landscaping and planting on the green
  • Nature trail and community garden
  • 2019 season of community events
  • Support for local groups to run events and activities, including online support
  • Improved lighting

Why it’s a great idea

There are so many great local groups, clubs and organisations with a huge range of interests and lots of great ideas for engaging with the wider community. Running community activities however large or small can be costly due to the need of hiring or buying and storing various equipment. This project will purchase the equipment needed and make improvements to the green itself.

Help by making your pledge

This is a great project and we have a great chance of winning the bid. The Mayor of London’s fund needs to see that the project has local support through local crowd funding. So please go online and pledge to show your support, a fiver or just a quid can make all the difference in helping Beckenham secure £50,000.

Pledge here:

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