Latest Beckenham Place Park news and events

Latest Beckenham Place Park news and events, from Lewisham Council

Update on works in the park
Works are progressing well. We have now almost finished excavating the lake, which will be filled after Christmas. The foliage surrounding the lake will be planted in spring.
The landscape contractors are restoring the natural contours of the land in front of the Mansion and are beginning to lay paths in the new pleasure grounds. Work on the garden will start in January 2019.
Many park users are enjoying the new path leading to the Foxgrove and Summerhouse Hill Wood from Beckenham Place Park Road. This will be a particular help as the ground becomes wetter over the winter.
Restoration of the stableyard, with its homestead building (dating to the 1770s) and the stableyard cottages, is on track to be completed in May. The newly created clock tower is now on the roof, faithfully recreating a historic feature in the landscape. The builders are painstakingly restoring the homesteads, even to the extent of matching the original Georgian mortar! We were also delighted to find some original flooring intact, which we will keep.
Upcoming events
23 October, from 10am
Tuesdays, 10.30–11.30am
Sundays, 12 noon–3pm
Get involved
There are many volunteering opportunities – please contact if you are interested.
Regular volunteering
Wednesdays, 10am–1pm. Meet outside the café at the Mansion. We will mainly be doing woodland management during autumn and winter. Tools, tea, coffee and biscuits provided!
Please note: no session on Wednesday 24 October.

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