Our feedback on the Bromley Councils Air Quality Action Plan + consultation extended to 10 Aug 2020

Bromley Council are undertaking a consultation on the draft Air Quality Action Plan. The plan outlines the actions the Council will take to improve air quality in the London Borough of Bromley between 2020-2025.  We have submitted feedback on the plan which requests increased action on air pollution monitoring, enhancing biodiversity including more tree planting, and improving our trouble road hotspots to promote more cycling and walking.  You can read our letter here.

Today the Council extended the consultation until 10 August 2020.  You can view the draft consultation document here. The council advise that feedback can be provided by completing a short survey. For more detailed responses residents may want to email the Council Pollution Team at  and copy in ward councillors.

We are interested in your views, please let us know by email to hello@coperscope.org.uk

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