Albemarle Road to become one-way and host cycle lane – have your say.

Bromley Council have applied for funding (made available as part of the Governments COVID-19 recovery instructions to local authorities to improve the walking and cycling in and round town centres) to implement a temporary change to Albemarle Road to make it a safer and attractive cycle route and walking experience between the junction with St Georges Road (near to Beckenham Junction Station) and Bromley Road. St Georges Road will remain two directional to traffic.

The Council  advises that the interventions are temporary but are likely to remain in place at least until emergency COVID-19 measures are deemed no longer required by central government. All significant road layout changes have to go through a temporary stage before being made permanent and it is our understanding that it is intended that the cycle lane between Bromley and Beckenham along Albemarle Rd be made permanent in time. Subject of course to any issues highlighted by the temporary trail and funding being available to make any changes required for it to be made permanent.

Main changes

  • Motor vehicle traffic will no longer be two directional between St Georges Road and Bromley Road and a cycle contraflow (a segregated cycle path to allow cyclists to travel in the opposite direction to traffic) will be installed.
  • Existing on street parking will be retained on one side of Albemarle Road only.
  • As well as encouraging cycling it is anticipated that residents will experience less noise disturbance and benefit from improved air quality from reduced traffic levels.
  • The scheme will also link with cycle improvements to Bromley Road including a new zebra crossing linking Albemarle Road with Bromley Road and Bishop Challoner school and segregated cycle lanes on both sides of the road. The peak hour bus lane will be removed as part of the works.

The works are likely to be commenced late September early October 2020. Residents are encouraged to email comments to the Council at Their phone number is 020 8313 4543.

Find out more

Notice on Bromley Council Website: Albemarle Road – traffic management alterations

View the plans for the traffic alterations in Albermarle Road

10 thoughts on “Albemarle Road to become one-way and host cycle lane – have your say.

  1. Can you read the next door langley court site it has a far greater representation on what people think. It’s absolutely utter rubbish your using Covid as a destractution you Bromley Council were going to take Croydon council to court for their road closures pushing everything on to Anerley Hill. All your doing is pushing pollution on to hot spots. Before pollution was diluted due to spread but now its localised. The only way for you to get the point is to vote you out.

  2. I’m a cyclist who commutes along Albermarle Road every day, and there is plenty of room for cyclists and cars to travel in both directions.
    This is a ridiculous hare-brained scheme, which would be understandable if it was dreamt up by our London Mayor Sir-Dick Khan, but surely Bromley Council aren’t idiotic enough to think this is a good idea…?
    There needs to be a public forum to name and shame those behind this farce, and to check that no back-handers have been paid.

  3. The plans appear to have changed, making part of Westgate Road (the narrow bridge) one way – so my previous comment may no longer apply.

  4. As a cyclist, I won’t miss the near misses and games of chicken with speeding drivers along Abermarle Road – also a worry for schools, I’d have thought.

  5. agree with the above that this is a terrible idea. It will just increase traffic along the Bromley road where there are schools. It makes little sense and will instead mean people race down Albermarle Road and increases traffic by Harris Primary on St Georges Road. Terrible decision.

  6. This would only seem to make sense if the corresponding stretch of Bromley Rd was made 1 way in the opposite direction. Otherwise Bromley Rd will become a major source of congestion. Agree this is dangerous for the schools involved.

  7. This will force more traffic onto Bromley Road and Westgate/Foxgrove Roads, both areas have schools so this seems a dangerous change.

  8. These changes will force more traffic onto nearby roads, which are frequently obstructed by parked vehicles (effectively making them single track). Northbound traffic on Westgate Road will no longer have to slow down at the junction with Albemarle, making the narrow bridge even more dangerous (for vehicles and pedestrians).

  9. I think this is a shocking idea !!! The traffic around Beckenham is bad enough without this causing traffic to divert to a different route!
    This is a heavily used road & needs to stay as it is with cars going both ways.
    It will just cause stationary traffic jams on the surrounding roads.
    The Avenue is always parked up on both sides of the road now & this will mean traffic trying to use this road instead of Albermarle. Bad move!

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