Keep the Freedom Pass and free travel for under 18s?

Local residents may be interested in the following two campaigns. Age UK are campaigning to save travel concessions for older Londoners. Find out more here. Change UK have a petition to Stop TFL from removing free travel for under-18s here.  

3 thoughts on “Keep the Freedom Pass and free travel for under 18s?

  1. I would not do as much travelling in London without the Freedom pass. I have never driven so public transport is really essential to me.
    It is so important to keep the older generation active both in body and mind . The freedom pass enables them to visit museums galleries etc and persue intrests unable to do when working.

  2. I don’t use my freedom pass on a regular basis, but it is a goldmine when I have hospital appointments in London and Lewisham. Using the car for local journeys is not an option given we are being constantly nagged about poor air pollution,so I try not to use my car unless it is the only option. So please do not withdraw this precious ‘perk’.

  3. I would encourage everyone to sign the petition to save the over ’60’s Travel Pass. In addition to encouraging mobility it is an important aid to the central London economy. The free travel encourages greater usage of galleries, shops and restaurants that are all under pressure at tghe moment.
    Rod Reed

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