Update on Albemarle Rd and Westgate Rd changes

Our Ward Councillor, Michael Tickner, has provided the following update:

The Council have advised that their contractor, Riney, expect the cycle lane and crossing works to progress as follows:

  • Albemarle Road from Downs Bridge Road to Westgate Road is due to be opened as one directional, tomorrow -Tuesday 17th.
  • Albemarle Road from Westgate Road (including the bridge section) to St Georges Road will be implemented Wednesday 18th.
  • After this, the “wands” will be installed between St Georges Road and Downs Bridge Road.
  • The last section between Downs Bridge Road to Bromley Road to be completed (lining and wands) will be confirmed when the contactors are confident that the weather forecast is satisfactory. This stretch of road has more on street car parking (parking on both sides).  Riney do not want to suspend parking until they are sure they can carry out the works as the lining is weather reliant.

Bromley Road Cycle lanes

Riney have confirmed they will start preliminaries on Wednesday with a view to starting woks Thursday or Friday.

Valley school crossing

Tactile paving and dropped kerbs have been completed. The belisha beacons are due to be connected next week. Weather permitting the crossing will also be marked out.


For reference the biggest problem is the lining/marking which is weather dependent. Riney have other schemes in the Borough which are running behind programme because of the line marking which is having a knock on effect with the Shortlands and Beckenham projects.

One thought on “Update on Albemarle Rd and Westgate Rd changes

  1. I feel that while thinking of environmentally friendly the whole project has become unfriendly. Even after the work is done there is going to be extra traffic on Westgate Road which is already busy No consideration appears to have been given to children ‘s health and safety. Often there is a problem with turning right from Westgate into Bromley Road. Also cars often parked close to Bromley Road which makes it dangerous while turning into Westgate Road. Madness has got madder in my opinion.

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