Beckenham Constituency Boundary Review – have your say by 2 August 2021

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) is currently conducting a review the parliamentary constituencies, referred to as the 2023 Review. The review is heavily informed by public consultation and local people and groups are invited to provide feedback.

The changes proposed for the Beckenham Constituency are: Bromley Common and Keston ward and Hayes and Coney Hall ward are moved out to the Bromley Constituency; Clock House ward, Crystal Palace ward, Penge and Cator ward are moved in from the Lewisham West and Penge Constituency. The wards of Copers Cope, Kelsey and Eden Park, Shortlands, and West Wickham will remain in the Beckenham constituency.

Current wards in the constituency: Bromley Common and Keston, Copers Cope, Hayes and Coney Hall, Kelsey and Eden Park, Shortlands, and West Wickham.

Proposed wards: Clock House, Crystal Palace, Copers Cope, Kelsey and Eden Park, Penge and Cator, Shortlands, and West Wickham.

Find out more on the Boundary Commission website here.

Feedback by 2 August 2021

The first consultation round ends on 2 August 2021 – this when the Boundary Commission is particularly interested to hear from people about the extent to which the proposals reflect the local ties in the area, and if people disagree with our proposals, how they think they should be amended. Then there will be two further rounds of public consultation.

How to make a comment on the proposals

This can be done online directly on to the new boundary map – the link for the Beckenham boundary map can be found here.

General comments can also be provided online via this web form.

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