Crystal Palace Football Club to install oil tank to heat pitch

Hugely disappointing that Crystal Palace Football Club (CPFC) have installed a fossil fuel based system to provide under-pitch heating at their new training ground on Copers Cope Road in Beckenham. Especially as under pitch heating is ideally suited to ground source heat pumps and other renewable energy sources can easily be installed.

The Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association has objected to their retrospective application for the storage tank which will hold 10,000l heating oil and we have requested the Council require a CPFC to undertake a sustainability study.

Furthermore, our objection supports local residents who are concerned about the visual intrusion of a large oil tank at the rear of residential properties, the traffic implications of oil deliveries, the air pollution implications and the potential safety issues of oil leaks or spillages.

How in 2021, with great advances in renewable technology and grave concern about air quality and pollution in cities have CPFC decided that an oil burning pitch heating system is the best they can do! Further details about the planning application can be found on Bromley Council’s website, search planning applications with Ref 21/03379/FULL1.

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