Bromley Trading Standards are reminding residents to be wary of ‘cold calls’ – unexpected phone calls

Imposters are tricking people into divulging personal and sensitive information or parting with cash and high value items. 

Some examples of cold calls include claiming to be a: 

Police Officer – victims are told to withdraw a sum of money or purchase high value items such as jewellery, watches and gold. Someone is sent to their home to collect it. They are often told to keep their involvement in the ‘Police investigation’ secret. 

Bank official – victims are convinced to transfer money to a ‘secure’ bank account (which is operated by the criminal) 

Citizens Advice representative – offering to help people with accident claims and debt problems. A Bromley resident was contacted and asked for by name and offered help with debts against her. 

Large/well known organisation – advising of a problem on the victims account or confirming whether a fictitious purchase has been made by the victim 

Protect yourself, your family & friends: 

HANG UP if you receive a cold call – wait 5 minutes then contact the organisation to check whether the call was legitimate. Use a trusted number from a letter or Contact details on their website or on the back of your bank card. Do NOT rely on anything provided by the cold caller. 

✓ Keep your personal information to yourself – never confirm or provide your details during a call 

 Knowing you name and address does NOT mean that the caller is genuine and works for the organisation they claim to be from 

 Banks, Police or other ‘law enforcement’ agencies will never ask for your PIN, bank card, or ask you to withdraw money or buy items on their behalf. 

If you would like to receive Trading Standards Alert! direct to your inbox please visit and complete the online form. 

If you think you have been targeted by a scam: 

Contact your bank as soon as possible 

Contact the organisation you believed were contacting you 

Tell someone you trust so they can help you to get the help you need 

Call Citizens Advice for advice and guidance 0808 223 1133 

Report to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or 

Suspicious emails: report to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service by forwarding the email to – 

Suspicious text messages: forward to your service provider on 7726. 

Please share with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues & clients 

Read it. Share it. Prevent it 

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