Albemarle Rd Cycle Way and Westgate Rd Bridge – have your say by 12 Nov 2021

Bromley Council is undertaking a survey on the ‘experimental’ Albemarle Rd Cycle Scheme and its decision to close Westgate Road Bridge to two-way traffic.

We encourage all local people to complete the survey. This scheme remains controversial and our Association regularly receives concerns about is impact and effectiveness, along with suggestions for improvement.

The survey is short and asks just 5 questions about the scheme. Please complete it here by 12 November 2021.

Survey link:

6 thoughts on “Albemarle Rd Cycle Way and Westgate Rd Bridge – have your say by 12 Nov 2021

  1. why change what was not broken cycle lane waste of time cyclist use the road not the the lanes Bromley wasting money again

  2. Cycling during winter months declines considerably so why have this all year around it will be unused until March Maybe a more effective and efficient way is seasonal…

  3. The Albemarle Road cycleway is poorly used by cyclists and the scheme prevents emergency vehicles from reaching part of Westgate and Foxgrove Roads thereby creating life-threatening delays. One person in Westgate Road is reported to have died owing to extra delays. Council is causing more pollution as vehicles divert to other junctions. Westgate Bridge needs to be restored to two way along with rest of Albermarle and cycleway removed.

  4. “…about is impact…” needs to be about its impact ;0)


  5. It is easier to drive along Albemarle Road with the one way system,however I rarely see any cyclists using the lane.There appears to be an increase in traffic entering the part of Westgate Road between Albemarle and Bromley Road which is an increased hazard for disabled people who live on Westgate.

  6. Think the scheme should go ahead we have to start somewhere in this borough . Boris Johnson when mayor supported these schemes to the tune of millions in other boroughs and he has said recently that he will support any councils who wish to implement schemes like this after consultation and informing residents of the benefits We have to have start implementing Lower traffic neighbourhoods and cycling opportunities For our children’s health and pedestrian safety .

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