Scam Police Call – be aware!

Bromley Trading Standards have received a transcript of a scam call:

“My name is Detective Constable ———. I am based at ————– London Police Station. We have a
young person in custody by the name of —– ——. She has a number of forged credit cards in her
possession. Your name is on one of them. An amount has been withdrawn from an account, possibly
yours. My Police ID is — —-. The Crime Reference is CR———“.

Crucially, the scammer adds “You need to phone the number on your bank card to get
the bank to make sure that nothing has gone”, “Would you like me to do it? I can
transfer you?”.

How you can protect yourself:
• Don’t reveal any personal details.
• Hang Up.
• Call the actual organisation(s) yourself directly to check, if you are
unsure. Don’t rely on information provided by the caller, and use
another phone, or if you can’t wait a good while, as the scammer(s)
may still be on the line.

Report it:
Protect others by reporting incidents.
If you or anyone you know have been affected by fraud or any scam report it to
Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or visiting
If you have given out your bank details, contact your bank as soon as possible.
You can also visit

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