Harvington : Park Wood and Sports Ground

I am seeking to engage with local people who would be interested in joining with me in seeking ways to rejuvenate the Park and facilities at Harvington.

The area is currently showing severe signs of neglect and lack of tender loving care. The ‘Friends of Parks’ is now left with just one survivor from the previous group. The playground area is in need of improvement,the pavilion/clubhouse is in the main unuseable and all is subject to vandalism etc.

The Council are falling down on any obligations they have and neither they or the Council contractors seemingly have any funds available to try and rectify or improve matters.

I have made initial contact with the local councillors, Wendy from the friends group, Cherie Langley from Langley Estate Agents and Mac from Eversley Rangers football club. The area is extensively used for activities – exercise,dog walking,sports etc., so any improvement would be in everyone’s interest.

Any future project would depend on support from the users and other interested parties willing to get together to come up with a plan.

I would be delighted if anyone who has an interest could make contact with me with a view to doing something about it.

Look forward to hearing

Keith Rodwell

Bromley Friends Forum (vice chair)

The group which oversees all Parks friends groups in Bromley

email ktr10e@talktalk.net

07503 652778 or 02036382428

One thought on “Harvington : Park Wood and Sports Ground

  1. I agree about Harvington park and the neglect it’s showing. There is so much more that could be done to improve it for local residents to enjoy. I’m happy to be involved.

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