Site of 84-86 Overbury Avenue

An application was recorded for a part two/three storey block to comprise two and three bedroom flats with vehicular access onto Stanley Avenue and Overbury Avenue, 13 parking spaces, detached car ports, storage, etc. These are amendments to a permitted scheme from 2007 which would allow a detached two-storey four bedroom house with integral garage and a part two/three storey terrace comprising 2 five bedroom and 4 four bedroom houses with associated access and parking. This revised application was considered by a Plans Committee on 13th October and consent was refused for the reasons of size and bulk, constituting cramped over development detrimental to the character of the area. A  new amendment to the 2007 consent includes alterations to elevations to incorporate alternative design to porch, windows and balconies, relocation of gable features and internalisation of chimney. The case was returned to Plans Committee on 22nd December, it was reported that further objections had been received and the case was deferred for the applicant to produce more accurate elevational drawings. Revised documents were received on 4th January 2012 and the application was therefore considered by Plans Committee 1 on 19th January 2012.  Attention of Members was drawn to documentation extending back to 2007 and the proposal recommended for permission. Permission was granted on the basis that the main changes to a permitted 2007 scheme may be considered to improve on the design of that application and were unlikely to have a detrimental impact on the character of the area or amenities of local residents and that most grounds for refusal of the second proposal in 2011 had now been overcome.

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