epetition to get the provision of public toilets made compulsory

The ‘we need the loo!’ national campaign has launched an epetition to get the provision of public toilets made compulsory.

Currently Local Authorities do not have to provide public toilets and many Councils are closing the few facilities that
do exist to save money. ‘we need the loo! want Parliament to pass a law making the provision of public toilets compulsory.

As you may know the public toilets in Beckenham were earmarked for closure by Bromley Council. Thanks to much campainging by local groups (including the CCARA) and residents the closure plans have been shelved… for now.

We urge residents to support this campaign. The epetition can be found at the link below.

Why do we need public toilets?
  • Good public toilet provision enables everyone to participate fully in civic life.
  • Public toilets are needed if we want people to increase their use of public transport and walk and cycle more.
  • Better facilities will help to attract visitors and boost local economies.
  • Lack of public toilets causes many elderly and
  • Disabled people to stay at home because they cannot rely on access to a loo when out and about.
  • Lack of public toilets leads to street urination and fouling which spreads disease.
  • Delays in answering “nature’s call” can increase infections and other health problems.
  • Community toilets are not always suitable; some people find going into pubs etc unacceptable.
Find out more about the campaign

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