Prominent Victorian house doomed to be demolished, January 2022

The final decision will be made by councillors at a planning committee meeting at 7pm on Thursday 20th January 2022.   

Situated on the corner of Downsbridge Road, at a prominent location near the brow of the hill between Beckenham and Shortlands, Coleridge House at 79 and 79a Bromley Road is a distinctive building from the late-Victorian era and one of the last remaining grand villa houses that once lined Bromley Road.  

The three-storey building is run by Riverside Housing Association (which also runs Calverley Close on Southend Road) and currently accommodates 12 self-contained social housing flats for the elderly and an adjoining, four-bedroom single family house (79a).  The £12M development involves the demolition of the entire building, replacing it with a five-storey block of 27 flats much bigger than the existing building, and an underground car park.  The proposed scheme comprises 5 No. one-bedroom, 17 No. two-bedroom and 5 No. 3-bedroom flats, providing space for up to 95 occupants.  

The Victorian Society has said, “Victorian villas such as this may be considered fairly common nationally, but within the local context, it is a rare survival. The house has both architectural and historical interest as a building representative of the growth of the area in the late 19th century, and as such, should be considered a local landmark and a non-designated heritage asset and its loss would harm the significance of the building and the contribution it makes to the local area.”  It goes on to say,“The two buildings in combination retain a vestige of the formerly leafy character of the area, and the loss of one would erode this character. If permitted, this could set a precedent for the piecemeal demolition of similar surviving larger 19th/20th century houses in the area.”

Bromley Council has committed to be carbon neutral by 2029 and, considering the UK’s national carbon reduction targets, we believe that retaining, refurbishing or converting existing buildings should always be preferable over demolition.

It is also very disappointing to see in their Affordable Housing Viability Statement that the developer, like many others involved in residential schemes in Beckenham in recent years, doesn’t include any affordable housing provision.  According to planning application documents, the smallest one-bedroom flat in the £12M development is expected to market for £325,000.  The developer’s claim that they can’t afford to provide affordable housing in the scheme, is unacceptable in our view.

The planning officer’s report can be found here

A list of the councillors who’ll be making the final decision at the meeting can be found here. 

Calverley Close – Public Consultation Event 26 October 2021


proposed block image

Calverley Close, Southend Road

We’ve just been informed that a public consultation event is happening on Tuesday 26th October concerning the entire redevelopment of the estate, after residents voted over the summer in favour of complete regeneration. 

Built in the 1980s near the brow of Beckenham Hill, the estate currently has around 200 homes and is operated by Riverside Housing Association, which manages the Borough’s council housing.  They also operate Coleridge House, a Victorian villa at 79 Bromley Road, which is proposed for demolition and redevelopment.

According to information published in April by Riverside, the existing homes at Calverley Close are proposed to be demolished and replaced with several new blocks ranging in height from three to seven stories.  The total number of new homes would be 358, half of which would be allocated for private sale.  The remainder would be for social rent.  Demolition and construction would be phased over four stages of redevelopment.

A planning application is expected to be submitted after Christmas.

Riverside’s latest information showing current proposals, consultation process and timescale for the redevelopment can be found here:

The Public Consultation Event starts at 18:30 on Tuesday 26th October on Zoom.  You can participate in the consultation event by clicking the link below, a few minutes before this time:


Amendments to development proposals at 79 & 79a Bromley Road

IMG_6412 3

79  and 79a Bromley Road  20/03881/FULL

We’ve just been made aware that amended plans have recently been submitted for a  planning application made last December involving the demolition of a large Victorian house, and the building of 27 flats.  The scheme is still being considered by the Council.

Situated in a prominent location at the brow of the hill between Beckenham and Shortlands, at the corner of Downsbridge Road, 79 and 79a Bromley Road is a distinctive building from the mid-1800s and one of the last remaining grand villa houses that once lined Bromley Road.  

The three-storey building is run by Riverside Housing Association (which also runs Calverley Close on Southend Road) and currently accommodates 13 flats and an adjoining, four-bedroom single family house.  The £12M development involves the demolition of the entire building, replacing it with a five-storey block of 27 flats, and underground car park.  The proposed scheme comprises 5 No. one-bedroom, 17 No. two-bedroom and 5 No. 3-bedroom flats, providing  space for up to 95 occupants.  

It is very disappointing to see in their Affordable Housing Viability Statement that the developer, like the others involved in residential schemes in Beckenham at the present time, doesn’t include any affordable housing provision.  The smallest one-bedroom flat in the £12M development is expected to market for £325,000.  The developer’s claim that they can’t afford to provide affordable housing in the scheme, is unacceptable in our view and the proposed Section 106 payment of £120,000 to the Council, insubstantial.

The amended plans show the number of car parking spaces reduced by five, down from 27 (one for each flat)  to 22.  All parking is now shown underground, and a small amount of additional landscaping replacing the five parking spaces previously shown at ground level.

If you commented on the original scheme earlier this year, we recommend you submit your views again for this amended scheme.  The closing date for comments is 26 October.  Beyond this date, you can still submit your comments by email to both and  Don’t forget to include the case reference number, and your name and address, or your comments will not be registered.


Amendments to development proposals at 76a & 76b The Avenue

76 Avenue aerial

76a and 76b The Avenue  20/05047/FULL

In the last few days we’ve been informed that amended plans have recently been submitted for an application made last Christmas for the demolition of these two 1930s houses, replacing them with a five-storey block of flats, and houses to the rear of the site, is also still under consideration by the Council.  The application also includes the resurfacing of The Avenue between the site and the junction with Westgate Road, which is an unmade road.

The new block of 18No flats comprises 10No one-bedroom and 8 No two-bedroom units.  3No three-storey terraced, mews-style houses are proposed behind, providing accommodation for up to 70 people.  Car parking is provided for 16 cars behind and in front of the block.

The three houses appear fairly well appointed, however the layout and size of the flats is cramped and many barely meet the minimum space standards required.

This development doesn’t include any affordable housing provision.  

Some residents on the road are concerned about the size and height of the development, that it is an over-development of the site and the traffic problems that could result from any resurfacing of the road.  

The amended plans include additional windows to several individual flats and some of the common areas to improve natural light into these spaces.

If you commented on the original scheme earlier this year, we would recommend you submit your views again for this amended scheme.  The closing date for comments is 26 October.  Beyond this date you can still submit your comments by email to both and the case officer  Don’t forget to include the case reference number above and give your name and address, or your comment will not be recorded.  

The case is expected to go before a planning sub-committee meeting either on 25th November or 9th December.

major new housing development at worsley bridge road, June 2021

A major new housing development is being planned at the former British Gas sports ground on Worsley Bridge Road, at the junction with Copers Cope Road.

The proposed development, situated on Metropolitan Open Land (MOL), is for 121 new homes comprised of 39 three-bedroom houses and 82 one and two-bedroom flats and 100 car parking spaces.



The developer is holding online Q&A sessions today (Tuesday 8th June) and tomorrow (Wednesday 9th June)

Here is a direct link to the consultation where you can find detailed information about the proposals and register to join one of the online Q&A events.

The developer’s letter to local residents is below:


Caerus Beckenham Q&A letter






Council decide £40M Crystal Palace Park Regeneration Scheme this week, March 2021

Bromley Council are meeting on Thursday 25 March to consider their Crystal Palace Park regeneration scheme for outline planning approval. 

Plan of the Park and proposed changes  (red dots and text added by CCARA)

The major project, first submitted last spring, involves the conservation and repair of heritage assets across the Park, landscaping, new paths, the demolition of some existing buildings, the change of use of some land and the construction of new buildings, including two housing developments.

Around half of the £40M cost of the scheme is to be funded by the two new residential developments.  The existing caravan park, at Rockhills in the northern corner of the Park, would be cleared to make way for 140 new flats built on part of the land with the remainder being returned to public access.  Further east, along Crystal Palace Park Road, the existing nursery building, St John’s Ambulance station and Park Rangers’ maintenance building would be demolished and replaced with a second housing development of 70 new flats called Sydenham Villas.  The London Plan requires developments on public sector land to provide 50% affordable homes, however the Council is proposing only 24 flats of this category.

The nursery would be relocated to a new Community Centre, to be built on the existing caravan park site.  A new Park Ranger’s building would be provided slightly further west from the current building.  St John’s Ambulance would be relocated either to the new Community Centre or a new Information Centre proposed to be built on the site of the existing building, close to the Penge Gate.

A new Cultural Centre is proposed at the Upper Terrace and would be linked to the Subway.  Some of the Farm buildings at the Capel Manor College would be demolished and rebuilt, and others renovated to improve facilities for the public.

The meeting is on Thursday 25th March at 6.30pm and the public can view it via YouTube.

Full details of the proposals, and a link to the meeting can be found here

another large Housing Development Planned on Bromley Road, march 2021

A planning application has been made to the Council for 27 flats and involves the demolition of another large Victorian house in Beckenham, on the corner of Crescent Road and Bromley Road.

The scheme, by Woolbro Group, involves the demolition of the existing two-storey Victorian building and recent annexes, last used as a care home, replacing it with a large, part-three part-four storey block of 27No. flats.  The new building comprises 12No. one-bedroom and 15No two-bedroom flats with the capacity to accommodate up to 82 people.  Only 19 parking spaces are provided.  

Crescent Road proposed elevation

Despite a requirement in the Bromley Local Plan for affordable housing to be provided in every new development of 11 units or more, here is yet another example of a development being proposed in Beckenham which provides none at all, because the developer claims they can’t afford to include it.  The market value of the smallest  1-bedroom flats  in the £10M development is expected to be £300,000 each.

A time of writing, there had been more than 200 objections to the proposal.

Full details of the planning application are on the Council’s website here 20/05008/FULL where you can also register comments.
If you wish to comment on the proposal,  you have until Friday 19th March to do so.  
You must give your full name and address, or your views may not be registered.

Mini roundabout proposed at junction of Bromley Rd, Scott’s Lane and Downs Bridge Rd, March 2021

The installation of a mini roundabout at the junction of Bromley Road, with Scotts Lane and Downs Bridge Road, supported by ward Councillors, is due to be discussed at a meeting of the Council’s Environmental and Community Services Policy Development and Scrutiny committee on Thursday 11 March at 6.30pm (see agenda and attached documents here). Unusually, the Council Officer report states that TfL do not recommend a mini roundabout be installed at this point.

Please let us know your views by email to Ward Councillors contact details can be found here.

Bromley Council survey on access to services – deadline 12/02/2021

Bromley Council are keen to seek views from the Voluntary and Community Sector on how access to the Council’s services could be improved for all members of our community.

They would like to understand whether there are specific groups of residents who you work with who find it difficult to access the Council’s services fully and how their experiences can be improved when interacting with the Council.

Please spend 5 minutes completing this survey. Simply visit

Please complete the survey by Friday 12 February 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact

New Housing Development Planned on Bromley Road, January 2021

A planning application has been made to the Council for 27 flats and involves the demolition of a large Victorian house.

Situated in a prominent location at the brow of the hill between Beckenham and Shortlands, at the corner of Downsbridge Road, 79 and 79a Bromley Road is a distinctive Victorian house from the mid-1800s and one of the last remaining grand villa houses that once lined Bromley Road.  

The three-storey building currently accommodates 13 retirement flats and an adjoining, four-bedroom single family house.  The £12M development involves the demolition of the entire building, replacing it with a five-storey block of 27 flats, and underground car park.  The proposed scheme comprises 5 No. one-bedroom, 17 No. two-bedroom and 5 No. 3-bedroom flats, providing  space for up to 95 occupants.  None of the flats will be affordable housing.

The developer reported that no responses were received to consultation leaflets and emails sent last November to residents in the surrounding area, and to ward councillors.  Unfortunately CCARA was not consulted at this time and several residents have complained they were not made aware of the scheme until the planning application was made public at the beginning of January.  

We have written to the council objecting to the application, focussing on the loss of an attractive Victorian building, the scale and density of the new development, the lack of any affordable housing provision, loss of trees on the site, road safety concerns, amongst other issues.

Full details of the planning application are on the Council’s website here 20/03881/FULL
where you can also leave a comments on the proposal.  If you wish to comment, you must give your full name and address, or your views may not be registered.


Appearance of Mobile Phone Mast on Bromley Road, May 2020

Large Mobile Phone Mast Erected on Bromley Road

An administration error by the Council’s Planning and Development department appears to have resulted in the erection, without planning permission, of a large mobile phone mast on land behind the petrol station on Bromley Road.

In September 2019, a telecommunications company sought permission to erect an 18m (59ft) high base station tower directly behind the petrol station at 202 Bromley Road.  The application was refused by Bromley Council in November, deciding that the height, appearance and siting of the proposed mast would be detrimental to the visual amenities of the area, and would appear as an alien and incongruous feature in a backland setting  within a suburban residential area.  So, in February, local residents were shocked to see the tall structure suddenly appear on the skyline.  The mast is designed to hold six 2 metre-high antennae and a 30cm satellite dish, though at present the equipment hasn’t yet been fitted.

In a response to a freedom of information request, concerned neighbours discovered that the Council retained no record of an email being sent to the applicant notifying them of their decision to refuse the application.  It appears that, in the apparent absence of a decision within the statutory period of 56 days, the applicant decided to press ahead with construction.

It is believed the Council has sought legal advice regarding their position, but is not taking the matter any further.

Local residents told us yesterday that the reply to their FOI request was inadequate in several respects, and  they have since asked for it to be reviewed.  They are also investigating ways to appeal against the Council’s handling of the application and considering taking the case further, to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Full details of the planning application are here 19/04009/TELCOM




Crystal Palace Football Academy plans in Copers Cope Road approved by Bromley Council

The erection of a covered full-size football pitch and the creation of an artificial full-size pitch as part of an extended football academy was approved by Bromley Council’s Development Control Committee on 18 March.

Crystal Palace Football Club’s planning application also included plans for six training pitches ​of various sizes as well as a full size show pitch with spectator seating in Beckenham. ​The application proposes that the public will also be able to use the facilities. The council’s Development Control Committee were persuaded that ​while the proposed indoor pitch is inappropriate development on the Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) in Copers Cope Road, there are very special circumstances to outweigh the harm which would be caused. ​This includes the benefit to Crystal Palace Football Club and the community use.

Councillor Alexa Michael, Development Control Committee Chairman, said: “This site has been used for sport for over a hundred years and securing the long term future of the site and keeping its sporting use is very welcome news. It will also mean that Crystal Palace Football Club will continue to be intrinsically rooted in our Borough, sharing its roots with Crystal Palace, which is also in our Borough.  In addition to the commitment that the facilities will be used by the community, this will be a place where young people will receive football related coaching and a variety of life skills.”

There were concerns raised by local residents about the size and height of the indoor pitch and the impact on Metropolitan Open Land, with the 19 metre maximum height to the apex of the curved roof required for technical engineering reasons.

The academy facilities will be made available to the local community in partnership with the Palace for Life Foundation, with the Foundation delivering programmes for more than 14,000 local children and young adults across south London. The increased access to the new Academy facility will enable this  they can extend their reach in Bromley, especially for disability football, girls’ football, health and wellbeing programmes and employability workshops.

The approval decision is subject to the completion of a legal agreement and a section 106 agreement.​ It is also subject to approval by the Mayor of London.

Free anti-pickpocket bells from Safer Bromley Partnership (February 2020)

Bromley Council is offering residents free bells for their purses and wallets to deter pickpockets.

Shoppers can pick up their anti-theft attachments at High Street charity shops, which alert them to any attempts to nab their valuables.

Supplied by the Safer Bromley Partnership, the bells are free at till points in Bromley, Beckenham and Orpington.

Customers picking one up are encouraged to make a small donation to charity.

Councillor Kate Lymer Executive Councillor for Public Protection and Enforcement said: “It’s easy to become distracted when browsing for shopping.

Hotel and Flats Proposed Above Kelsey House, May 2019

Plans have been submitted to convert Kelsey House at 75-77 Beckenham High Street to a 68 room hotel and 9 apartments.


The project is a joint venture  between Travelodge and Dunward Properties which also includes a five-storey extension to the west (orange and yellow on the plan above) and south (green) of the existing building, extending up to the boundary with Village Car Care garage and back to the rear boundary.

The existing stair and lift core is to be demolished and rebuilt to serve the hotel, whilst a new, separate stair and lift will be built for occupants of the flats.

The bar and restaurant at ground floor level will remain unchanged.

Only 11 car parking spaces, 2 of which are disabled bays, are provided for the entire scheme.

Full details of the application can be found here 19/00286/FULL where you can also submit comments, should you wish to do so.

Alternatively, you can send your comments by email to and the case officer, quoting the case reference number in the subject  window.  Remember to include your full name and address, or your comments may not be registered.



Proposed High Street Elevation













Beckenham Place Park Car Park to Close, 18 March 2019

London Borough of Lewisham announced last Friday that the car park in front of the Mansion at Beckenham Place Park will be permanently closed with effect from today, Monday 18 March until July 2019.

There will be very limited parking during this period, restricted to along the northern Drive between the Beckenham Hill Road entrance and the Mansion, and along the southern Drive between the Mansion and the gates at Beckenham Place Park road.  A one-way system will be in operation along the southern stretch of the Drive, meaning that cars parked there will have to exit via the Beckenham Place Park road gates.

Click here for detailed information by London Borough of Lewisham.


Road closure fees waived for Big Lunch street parties 1-2 June 2019

Big Lunch street parties in Beckenham and Bromley 1-2 June 2019

The Big Lunch neighbourhood street parties, promoted by the Eden Project, are being held again this year on the first weekend in June.

Bromley Council will waive road closure fees for street parties in support of the Big Lunch 2019.

Applications from Beckenham residents and Street Friends applying to hold a street party in support of the Big Lunch 2019 on 1-2 June are again being processed free of charge.  Apply by 23 March.

Ageing Well in Bromley survey and public meeting on Friday 24 August 2018

News about the work Bromley Council is carrying out jointly with Bromley CCG around services for older people in Bromley.

  • Online survey, on 26 August 2018, to capture the views of as many over 55s living in the borough as possible. Paper versions are also available in the borough’s libraries, or can be requested by emailing . The replies will be used to help put together the Ageing Well in Bromley Strategy later in the year.
  • Public open meeting from 10am on Friday 24 August 2018 at Bromley Civic Centre.  Light refreshments provided and the event should end around 11.30am. Everyone is welcome to come for the entire event or to drop in at any time.

Beckenham Improvements work update 6 Aug 2018


Burnhill Road / Kelsey Square Junction with High Street

  • The junction works are now complete. (Thank you for the cooperation during the works). It will be reopened to traffic from Monday 6th August. All temporary traffic management and parking suspensions which have been in place since May will revert back to pre these works. A traffic marshal will be in attendance in Burnhill Road on 6th August from 0800 – 1700 to help residents and road users. Parking dispensation during the works will finish on Monday 6th August.

Temporary High Street Road Closure

  • There is a planned road closure of High Street Tuesday 7th August from 20.00 pm to 04.00 am Wednesday 8th August which will affect from Fairfield Road, temporary diversions will be put in place during this time.



The junction of Burnhill Road Junction with The High Street is now open to pedestrians.

  • The kerbing and paving has commenced on the North East corner of the War Memorial roundabout.
  • Kerb laying, new drainage and paving has almost completed between Burrell Row and Village way.



Bus Stop Fairfield Road

The temporary black top, tarmac will be removed on the 6th August. The granite benches will be installed over the night of the 7th/8th.

Beckenham Green

  • As from Monday 30th July snagging work will be taking place on the tree planters. This will be carried out by the main contractor F M Conway but it will be under the supervision of the civils dept. All queries relating to this section can be addressed through the normal channels however.
  • The resin around the seating area should be laid down on 31st August. Obviously this may be subject to change but you will be informed if this is the case. Preparation work for this will resume two days prior to the resin laying stage.
  • Please take note of these dates as that part of the green will not be available for events during that time. The rest of the green will be accessible throughout.

Phase 5 works Lidl to Village Way.

  • From Monday the 21st the junction between Burnhill Road and Kelsey Square has been closed to traffic. The road will be reopen the week starting Monday the 6th August and all traffic management will revert to normal except for left turns out of Kelsey Square on to the High Street.
  • Paving will be completed laid in part of Burnhill Road.

War Memorial Roundabout

  • Paving works will continue on the North-East corner of the War Memorial roundabout outside the cinema. This is estimated to take 2 weeks.
  • Street lights will continue to be installed at various locations.
  • Cycle stands to be installed at various locations.

Scheme Programme

For reference the main High Street improvements are due to be completed in September with only snagging of small defects and some design details to be installed after this date.

Hours of Operation – In order to maintain access to all shop entrances pavement laying will have to be conducted out of normal hours between 18pm and 20pm on some days. We do understand that this can be a nuisance and FM Conway will endeavour to keep noise disturbance to a minimum during these times.

Traffic Management

Left hand turns from Village Way onto the High Street are now banned. The right hand turn from The Drive onto The High Street has also been restricted. All traffic will be sent on the main diversion along the High Street heading towards Beckenham Junction then onto Rectory Road. This is likely to be in place until the end of the project to allow the

contractor to work safely in those areas.

  • Two way traffic has been reinstated between Bromley Road and Manor Road.
  • Two way traffic has also been reinstated between Thornton’s Corner and Fairfield Road to enable access to Fairfield Road without using the main diversion.

Bus route changes

TfL have advised that:

Bus routes 54, 227, 352, 354, 367 and N3 are diverted in one direction

All diverted routes should return to normal when the road closures end, expected to be in late September 2018

For more information, please visit

Thank you for your understanding and support

Every effort is being made to minimise disruption and your understanding and support is appreciated in advance if there are unforeseen issues which need to be resolved. If further specific information is needed, please contact Conway’s Helen McConnell who can be contacted, for help and advice. Helen, the Liaison Officer is the scheme contact for businesses and residents. Helen can be contacted on Mobile Tel 07917 518 529 or email if needed.






Temporary changes to bus routes in Beckenham – update May 2018

Temporary changes to bus routes in Beckenham (update from Transport for London)

Most bus routes in Beckenham town centre are currently diverted in one direction. This affects routes 54, 227, 354, 367 and N3.

This is due to a programme of one-way road closures of Beckenham High Street by London Borough of Bromley for improvement works. The works are being carried out in phases between February 2017 and late September 2018, and a new phase will start next week.

From Monday 30 April 06:00 the westbound closure of the High Street between Manor Road and Village Way will be extended westwards towards Croydon Road (War Memorial roundabout). This means that bus route 352 will also be diverted (northbound only). 

Route 352 towards Lower Sydenham will:

  • Not serve stops R ‘War Memorial’ on High Street or V ‘Vicarage Drive’ on Rectory Road – these stops will be closed
  • Be diverted via High Street (eastbound / northbound), and Rectory Road, serving stop J ‘Manor Road’ on High Street and temporary stop G ‘Beckenham Junction Station’ on Rectory Road (but not serving stop C ‘Beckenham Junction Station’ on High Street)
  • Continue to serve stop N ‘St Edmund’s Hall’ on Village Way and stop X ‘Bouverie Lodge’ on Blakeney Road as normal

Routes 54, 227, 354, 367 and N3 will remain on their current diversions.

Route 162 returned to its normal route on 26 February 2018.

We plan to return all routes to normal when the works are complete in late September 2018. 

There will be additional short (overnight only) road closures and bus diversions towards the end of the works, for resurfacing. These will be advertised locally.

For more information about these diversions, including a map, please visit .

For more details on the Beckenham High Street works please visit  

Beckenham improvements work update week beginning 5 Feb 2018

Improvement Works Update courtesy of F M Conway, contractor for the works.

Completed and soon to be completed works:

• Conway is continuing to work on the area between the Yee Olde George Inn and Lidl. Kerbing is complete and the parking bays have been reinstated. Paving is being laid and it is hoped will be completed by the 8th February. Minor works are required outside one of the entrances to the George.

• Between Thornton’s Corner and 116 High Street the considerable drainage and parking bays have been completed. Paving will be completed to number 120 High Street by the end of the week. The cooperation of local businesses in this location has been welcomed. The Council will endeavour to open the parking bays at this location at the earliest opportunity.

• The first cycle stands have been installed at Albemarle Road junction and Beckenham Green.

Phase 4 works 116 to 132 High Street.

In addition to new kerbs and paving, this section of work will require substantial new drainage due to the history of flooding in the area and the construction of an improved bus stop with a shelter and passenger waiting space. (At present the current bus stop comprises a bus stop sign only; with passenger waiting space restricted to a narrow footpath without seating). During the works the bus stop will be temporarily relocated.
Works commencing week beginning the 5th February 2018.

• Excavation work for the foundations for the bus stop and kerb laying will be commenced.

The Project Programme
The project is still on programme and due to be completed at the end of the summer, subject to unforeseen problems. Some sections of work have been commenced or completed differently to the original programme. This has been in response to requests by the community, other council departments or Transport for London.

The completed scheme
Feedback from the community has revealed that there are some incorrect preconceptions about the scheme.

• The High Street will not be pedestrianised. Improvements will however greatly improve the pedestrian environment with wider pavements, improved lighting and more and better road crossings.

• After the improvements are complete the High Street will revert to two way traffic as prior to the improvements. The larger widenings such as the North-West corner of Thornton’s Corner have been designed to enable the largest road vehicles to comfortably navigate the corner in both directions. Changes to the vehicle stop lines and traffic signalling will enable vehicles to use the reduced road space with minimal impacts on traffic flows.

• No existing bus stops will be removed from the High Street. All bus stops will however be improved and will become fully disabled accessible. In order to create sufficient waiting space for passengers some bus stops will be located on what is the highway at present.

• The scheme will not introduce shared surfaces where the footway and road surface will be on the same level. Throughout the scheme a kerb will be retained between the pavement and the road and the pedestrian areas will be a traditional pavement above vehicular areas except at crossing places.

• Many of the parking spaces are inset into the paving (achieved by widening the paving not reducing it). They are flush with the pavement to avoid a trip hazard kerb.

Further information can be found at  here.