another large Housing Development Planned on Bromley Road, march 2021

A planning application has been made to the Council for 27 flats and involves the demolition of another large Victorian house in Beckenham, on the corner of Crescent Road and Bromley Road.

The scheme, by Woolbro Group, involves the demolition of the existing two-storey Victorian building and recent annexes, last used as a care home, replacing it with a large, part-three part-four storey block of 27No. flats.  The new building comprises 12No. one-bedroom and 15No two-bedroom flats with the capacity to accommodate up to 82 people.  Only 19 parking spaces are provided.  

Crescent Road proposed elevation

Despite a requirement in the Bromley Local Plan for affordable housing to be provided in every new development of 11 units or more, here is yet another example of a development being proposed in Beckenham which provides none at all, because the developer claims they can’t afford to include it.  The market value of the smallest  1-bedroom flats  in the £10M development is expected to be £300,000 each.

A time of writing, there had been more than 200 objections to the proposal.

Full details of the planning application are on the Council’s website here 20/05008/FULL where you can also register comments.
If you wish to comment on the proposal,  you have until Friday 19th March to do so.  
You must give your full name and address, or your views may not be registered.

One thought on “another large Housing Development Planned on Bromley Road, march 2021

  1. i have seen a number of accidents at this junction, something to slow traffic into this crossroads would be advantageous to all road users

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