Bromley Council survey on access to services – deadline 12/02/2021

Bromley Council are keen to seek views from the Voluntary and Community Sector on how access to the Council’s services could be improved for all members of our community.

They would like to understand whether there are specific groups of residents who you work with who find it difficult to access the Council’s services fully and how their experiences can be improved when interacting with the Council.

Please spend 5 minutes completing this survey. Simply visit

Please complete the survey by Friday 12 February 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact

One thought on “Bromley Council survey on access to services – deadline 12/02/2021

  1. There is a truly awful lack of response to emails and messages sent to Council Officers and Councillors. Reminders are nearly always needed and some emails go completely unanswered on important local issues even when dealing with top officers on large salaries.
    The Council is failing local residents and as the recent one-way system in Albemarle Road shows, consultation is not a Council priority.

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