Amendments to development proposals at 79 & 79a Bromley Road

IMG_6412 3

79  and 79a Bromley Road  20/03881/FULL

We’ve just been made aware that amended plans have recently been submitted for a  planning application made last December involving the demolition of a large Victorian house, and the building of 27 flats.  The scheme is still being considered by the Council.

Situated in a prominent location at the brow of the hill between Beckenham and Shortlands, at the corner of Downsbridge Road, 79 and 79a Bromley Road is a distinctive building from the mid-1800s and one of the last remaining grand villa houses that once lined Bromley Road.  

The three-storey building is run by Riverside Housing Association (which also runs Calverley Close on Southend Road) and currently accommodates 13 flats and an adjoining, four-bedroom single family house.  The £12M development involves the demolition of the entire building, replacing it with a five-storey block of 27 flats, and underground car park.  The proposed scheme comprises 5 No. one-bedroom, 17 No. two-bedroom and 5 No. 3-bedroom flats, providing  space for up to 95 occupants.  

It is very disappointing to see in their Affordable Housing Viability Statement that the developer, like the others involved in residential schemes in Beckenham at the present time, doesn’t include any affordable housing provision.  The smallest one-bedroom flat in the £12M development is expected to market for £325,000.  The developer’s claim that they can’t afford to provide affordable housing in the scheme, is unacceptable in our view and the proposed Section 106 payment of £120,000 to the Council, insubstantial.

The amended plans show the number of car parking spaces reduced by five, down from 27 (one for each flat)  to 22.  All parking is now shown underground, and a small amount of additional landscaping replacing the five parking spaces previously shown at ground level.

If you commented on the original scheme earlier this year, we recommend you submit your views again for this amended scheme.  The closing date for comments is 26 October.  Beyond this date, you can still submit your comments by email to both and  Don’t forget to include the case reference number, and your name and address, or your comments will not be registered.


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