Hotel and Flats Proposed Above Kelsey House, May 2019

Plans have been submitted to convert Kelsey House at 75-77 Beckenham High Street to a 68 room hotel and 9 apartments.


The project is a joint venture  between Travelodge and Dunward Properties which also includes a five-storey extension to the west (orange and yellow on the plan above) and south (green) of the existing building, extending up to the boundary with Village Car Care garage and back to the rear boundary.

The existing stair and lift core is to be demolished and rebuilt to serve the hotel, whilst a new, separate stair and lift will be built for occupants of the flats.

The bar and restaurant at ground floor level will remain unchanged.

Only 11 car parking spaces, 2 of which are disabled bays, are provided for the entire scheme.

Full details of the application can be found here 19/00286/FULL where you can also submit comments, should you wish to do so.

Alternatively, you can send your comments by email to and the case officer, quoting the case reference number in the subject  window.  Remember to include your full name and address, or your comments may not be registered.



Proposed High Street Elevation













One thought on “Hotel and Flats Proposed Above Kelsey House, May 2019

  1. Turning this building into a 68 room hotel and extending it to add 9 apartments does not contribute to the so-called ‘ village atmosphere’ which we were told was the reason for the recent new High Street works..
    In addition, 11 parking spaces is not sufficient for over 80 occupants.
    There is already a huge Travelodge at Penge which is quite close enough to Beckenham to serve any short term needs.
    I doubt any comments like mine will make a difference because, although I hate to say it, the motivation to allow this application can only be council-gained money……it certainly will not add anything useful or attractive to Beckenham.
    It would be better if some efforts were made to promote the offices.
    I am totally against this development.

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