Beckenham Improvements work update 6 Aug 2018


Burnhill Road / Kelsey Square Junction with High Street

  • The junction works are now complete. (Thank you for the cooperation during the works). It will be reopened to traffic from Monday 6th August. All temporary traffic management and parking suspensions which have been in place since May will revert back to pre these works. A traffic marshal will be in attendance in Burnhill Road on 6th August from 0800 – 1700 to help residents and road users. Parking dispensation during the works will finish on Monday 6th August.

Temporary High Street Road Closure

  • There is a planned road closure of High Street Tuesday 7th August from 20.00 pm to 04.00 am Wednesday 8th August which will affect from Fairfield Road, temporary diversions will be put in place during this time.



The junction of Burnhill Road Junction with The High Street is now open to pedestrians.

  • The kerbing and paving has commenced on the North East corner of the War Memorial roundabout.
  • Kerb laying, new drainage and paving has almost completed between Burrell Row and Village way.



Bus Stop Fairfield Road

The temporary black top, tarmac will be removed on the 6th August. The granite benches will be installed over the night of the 7th/8th.

Beckenham Green

  • As from Monday 30th July snagging work will be taking place on the tree planters. This will be carried out by the main contractor F M Conway but it will be under the supervision of the civils dept. All queries relating to this section can be addressed through the normal channels however.
  • The resin around the seating area should be laid down on 31st August. Obviously this may be subject to change but you will be informed if this is the case. Preparation work for this will resume two days prior to the resin laying stage.
  • Please take note of these dates as that part of the green will not be available for events during that time. The rest of the green will be accessible throughout.

Phase 5 works Lidl to Village Way.

  • From Monday the 21st the junction between Burnhill Road and Kelsey Square has been closed to traffic. The road will be reopen the week starting Monday the 6th August and all traffic management will revert to normal except for left turns out of Kelsey Square on to the High Street.
  • Paving will be completed laid in part of Burnhill Road.

War Memorial Roundabout

  • Paving works will continue on the North-East corner of the War Memorial roundabout outside the cinema. This is estimated to take 2 weeks.
  • Street lights will continue to be installed at various locations.
  • Cycle stands to be installed at various locations.

Scheme Programme

For reference the main High Street improvements are due to be completed in September with only snagging of small defects and some design details to be installed after this date.

Hours of Operation – In order to maintain access to all shop entrances pavement laying will have to be conducted out of normal hours between 18pm and 20pm on some days. We do understand that this can be a nuisance and FM Conway will endeavour to keep noise disturbance to a minimum during these times.

Traffic Management

Left hand turns from Village Way onto the High Street are now banned. The right hand turn from The Drive onto The High Street has also been restricted. All traffic will be sent on the main diversion along the High Street heading towards Beckenham Junction then onto Rectory Road. This is likely to be in place until the end of the project to allow the

contractor to work safely in those areas.

  • Two way traffic has been reinstated between Bromley Road and Manor Road.
  • Two way traffic has also been reinstated between Thornton’s Corner and Fairfield Road to enable access to Fairfield Road without using the main diversion.

Bus route changes

TfL have advised that:

Bus routes 54, 227, 352, 354, 367 and N3 are diverted in one direction

All diverted routes should return to normal when the road closures end, expected to be in late September 2018

For more information, please visit

Thank you for your understanding and support

Every effort is being made to minimise disruption and your understanding and support is appreciated in advance if there are unforeseen issues which need to be resolved. If further specific information is needed, please contact Conway’s Helen McConnell who can be contacted, for help and advice. Helen, the Liaison Officer is the scheme contact for businesses and residents. Helen can be contacted on Mobile Tel 07917 518 529 or email if needed.






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