Controversial planning application in Bromley resubmitted

The Glades have resubmitted an application to build restaurants in Queens Gardens (behind the Glades, adjacent to Kentish Way). The application(s) have caused controversy as part of the land is in a conservation area, the new restaurant chains may  take trade away from the recently regenerated Bromley North area and a view that Bromley is currently too saturated with restaurants (what will happen to the site if the new restaurants are not profitable).
Further information can be found at the links below:
Any residents who wish to object to the planning application must do so before Thursday 24 May 2012.
You may object by email to  (Reference: 12/01339/FULL), however you must ensure that you provide your full name and address including your post code.  Failure to provide these details will mean your objection is not accepted.

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