Beckenham Town Centre Manager Job Vacancy – applications close 17 June 2012

As some residents and many businesses will know Beckenham is currently without a Town Centre Manager (TCM).  The position is currently being advertised by Bromley Council.   The TCM role is very important for businesses and residents as it is key in promoting Beckenham, securing funding for our town centre, organising events to keep our High Street vibrant and maintaining standards in the street scene by keeping it clean, tidy and safe.

Ever walked down the High Street and thought “why don’t the Council just fix this up” or “let’s have some more events in the town, get everyone out” this could be the job for you.

It would be wonderful if the vacancy was filled by a local person passionate about Beckenham.  Although the majority of the position will focus on Beckenham, we understand the position will also cover other town centres including Penge.

For more information please follow the link below.

Town Centre Manager Job Vacancy

2 thoughts on “Beckenham Town Centre Manager Job Vacancy – applications close 17 June 2012

  1. Beckenham needs a devoted full time Town Centre Manager. The economic threat posed to the town from supermarkets, out of town stores and the Internet is so great that it needs an individual to focus on the task and not be distracted. Beckenham serves a larger population than Orpingon which has a fulll time TCM. This cannot be right and merely reflects the Council’s priorities and not the problem.

  2. I welcome the admission in the job description that our TCM represents Beckenham and Penge as both districts adjoin each other and have shared common facilities and interests for over 80 years.

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