Increase in theft from motor vehicles in Beckenham

Message from Beckenham Police

There has been an increase in theft from motor vehicles in the Bromley area. The suspects are targeting gardeners and builders vans at present and Beckenham has been hit a few times on Copers Cope Road. If you are having any work done please inform your workers to keep there vans locked up even if they are popping in and out as this is enough time for the suspects to get in and out.

On another note please can you make sure you never leave anything valuable on show in your vehicle, should you use a sat nav/in car phone holder please remove these from the car and also wipe away the ring marks that are left on the windscreen as this is a sign that you have one. Please take the property inside rather than locking it into your glove box.

One thought on “Increase in theft from motor vehicles in Beckenham

  1. Last summer witnessed a massive rise in vehicle and property theft in Copers Cope Ward. The issue was raised with the local MP but it appears as usual nothing is being done and here we are again a year later with more misery being spread by thieves. I strongly urge residents to lobby the authorities and their local representatives on this issue. The new Beckenham Charter seeking to bring new resources into our Town puts reducing crime as a top priority. Broken promises such as keeping a Police Office open in the High Street should be honoured and pressure kept up so that the area is not short of Police during the Olympics.

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