182A High Street, Beckenham – planning refused

A further application submitted to Bromley Council regarding the old Supa Electrics warehouse (behind the High Street) was refused this week by Bromley Council (a previous application was refused in Dec 2011). The developers plan to change the use of the building from warehouse to drinking establishment (open to 2am at the weekends), refurbish the existing building to include a side extension, and a raised terrace and garden area,

The reasons for refusal are:
1 The proposed development would be detrimental to the amenities that nearby residents might reasonably expect to be able to continue to enjoy by reason of late night noise and general disturbance associated with such a use thereby contrary to Policies S9 and BE1 of the Unitary Development Plan.

2 The proposed development would give rise to loss of prospect, an unacceptable degree of overlooking and loss of privacy and amenity to nearby occupiers thus contrary to Policy BE1 of the Unitary Development Plan.

3 The proposal would result in an over concentration of food and drink establishments contrary to Policy S9 of the Unitary Development Plan

4 The proposed development sited in this particular location gives rise to concerns in relation to crime and disorder and will undermine the quality of life for nearby occupiers thus contrary to the aims of the National Planning Policy Framework.

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