Update on rear of 88-90 High Street, Beckenham – planning approved by Planning Inspectorate

Decision of Planning Inspectorate

The appeal by the developer is allowed and planning permission is granted for 3 four storey blocks comprising 9 one bedroom, 32 two bedroom and 3 three bedroom flats, with 41 car parking spaces, bicycle parking, landscaping and access to the rear of 88-90 High Street, Beckenham BR3 1ED.

Bromley Council are also liable to pay the developer partial costs.

Conclusions of the Planning Inspectorate

For the above reasons the overall conclusion is that by comparison with the extant permitted scheme there would be no greater impact on the character and appearance of the area or the living conditions of neighbouring residents and some effects would be reduced.

The proposed scheme also makes suitable provision for access, parking, the mitigation of flood risk, education infrastructure, affordable housing, landscaping and wildlife. The proposal would help to meet the need for market and affordable housing in an accessible location whilst making efficient use of previously developed land.

The appeal scheme is in overall accordance with the provisions of the development plan and there are no material considerations indicating that a decision should be taken other than in accordance with the development plan. The appeal should therefore be allowed.

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