1.2% Council Tax Increase

Bromley Council has agreed to increase Council Tax. The impact of the increase will see Council Tax rise by 1.2%. Further information including a table of new charges for each band can be found at the link below.

2013/2014 Council Tax


2 thoughts on “1.2% Council Tax Increase

  1. Bromley have ignored their constituents!! By retaining 60 rather than 40 Councillors, Bromley will waste £360,000 per annum. Spending £1.5 million on Bromley North from reserves could have saved Carelink and still could for 20 years and the failure to reduce the number of top officers earning 6 figure sums is destroying services. Reform is urgently needed-they do not listen Beckenham has subsidised a fat cat culture for too long, that is where your 2% tax rise is going to retain unnecesssary expenditure. Meanwhile, Citizens Advice, Day Care and Homecare all get chopped.
    Rod Reed

  2. At last! Bromley LB have listened to their constituents.

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