80 year old Oak Tree saved

Bromley Council have ruled that the Tree Preservation Order on a Heritage Oak Tree in Crab Hill should remain. The application to fell the tree was refused on the following grounds:

1) The oak tree is considered to make an important contribution to the visual amenities of this part of the Downs Hill Conservation Area and its loss would be seriously detrimental to the amenities of the area as a whole.
2) The Council considers that insufficient evidence has been submitted to justify the felling of the oak tree and alternative works, such as the installation of a root barrier have not been fully investigated.

The trees were said to have contributed to subsidence, however local residents believed subsidence was caused by the clay soil and felling the tree would not alleviate any subsidence issues. Determined local residents were able to demonstrate that the experts did not have enough evidence to conclude the tree was at fault. For more information please see the Council website:

(12/03084/TPO) – 10 Crab Hill, Beckenham

Beckenham’s Heritage Trees have been under treat in recent years, a number lost due to development or subsidence claims such as this. Not all our heritage trees are under a Tree Preservation Order, whereby you must apply to the Council to fell or pollard them,  the ones that aren’t are more at risk. If you have a old or mature tree in your road why not contact the Council to see if it is covered by a Tree Preservation Order and if not whether it should be.  You can do this online at the link below.

Tree Protection Orders

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