Safer Neighbourhood Panel (SNP) / Community Advisory panel update Jan 2014

The SNP has been renamed to the Community Advisory Panel (CAP), although, the term Safer Neighbourhoods will also remain in use. Under the new system, for local policing Wards are unchanged but are now in clusters. The Copers Cope area comes within the north west borough cluster together with Shortlands, Crystal Palace, Kelsey, Eden Park, Clockhouse and Penge.

The aim is to be flexible in policing so that officers may be deployed where needed.

There is a move to employing predictive crime mapping, maintaining crime prevention/reduction as a high priority using a proactive and high visibility approach.

Copers Cope has two dedicated officers, with a current team of seven additional officers plus special constables, and new officers currently being recruited. This Ward’s team still operates out of the Albemarle Road office.

A second name change is from Ward Priorities to Ward Promises – as before, up to three areas of crime will be set for our local police to focus on over the weeks between the Panel meetings.

On 16th January the Promises were set as (a) Serious acquisitive crime (SAC) and (b) driving offences. Just two were set this time because SAC includes all types of burglary and robbery, and driving offences covers a range of issues, from using mobile phone while driving, not wearing seatbelts, through to speeding and  bad practice at zebra crossings, etc.

A local resident had asked for traffic issues around the entrance to Ella Close (off Rectory Road) to be raised by the CCARA representative. This was duly discussed, and the local Sergeant agreed to make observations, including speed testing the stretch of road.

Our residents are welcome to ask us to bring crime issues to the attention of the CAP and to suggest Promises for the next meeting on 27th March by emailing

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