Your Say! In developing Bromley Borough’s Local Plan

Bromley Council are consulting on their Local Plan until 24 March 2014.  The Local Plan required by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 sets out the vision and objectives for the Borough in 2030 and the strategic and more detailed policies used in determining local planning applications together with a proposals map and specific site proposals. The links below provide further information.

Information about the Local Plan

Direct link to the Local Plan

Below are some points we have considered the plan could include:

  • A policy on all Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). There has been an increase of planning applications to convert properties into HMOs in Beckenham, stronger planning policies are required to ensure HMOs are of a descent standard. Other boroughs have such polices.
  • A stronger policy on converting offices to flats to ensure Beckenham retains office workers which boost the High Street economy.
  • A policy that requires planning applicants for shop fronts to ensure the cables and water pipes on the party walls are maintained. Beckenham High Street has a number of poorly maintained party walls between shop fronts.
  • More robust polices on locally listed building, tall buildings and skyline to ensure the character of Beckenham is retained.
  • A policy on protecting natural heritage (the plan refers only to built heritage) such as Beckenham’s heritage tree stock.
  • Securing additional commuter rail services in London (more services from Beckenham to Blackfriars and beyond, plus Beckenham to Clapham Junction)

If you wish to comment on the plan you may do so online at the link below, or by email to  You may also wish to share your comments with us by email to

Online Consultation Portal:


One thought on “Your Say! In developing Bromley Borough’s Local Plan

  1. Draft Plan should include improvements to overground rail network, resisting increase in aircraft noise. Beckenham not mentioned under Town Centre improvements. Archaeology section ignores Roman Road and heritage not valued in terms of promoting more listed buildings and having a Beckenham Heritage Centre. Commitment needed to keep low density areas whilst providing housing on derelict sites and above shops. Tramlink extension should be opposed as damaging to residntial streets in Beckenham.

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