Chicken and Pizza Takeaway to replace hairdressers on the bridge

An application has been submitted for change of use from a retail unit to a takeaway for the hairdressers next to Kaplan Kebabs on the bridge.

Further details can be found online under reference 14/01232/FULL2.

One thought on “Chicken and Pizza Takeaway to replace hairdressers on the bridge

  1. I’ve noticed that the plan for this property has changed its focus to pizzas only, dropping the fried chicken. In my opinion, this, in effect, changes nothing.

    This part of Beckenham is in danger of sliding downhill – and yet another takeaway will only give it another push.

    The opening hours have not changed (until 1am Monday-Friday and until 3am on Saturday nights), the effect on the area will not change and the amount of noise, litter, people and potential trouble will not change either.

    There is already a lot of trouble on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays thanks to the bars and clubs, the shops that already exist on this parade are all quite grotty anyway, and encouraging people to mill around them further – and later into the night – can only mean yet more fights, vomit and rubbish in the street.

    The only thing that has changed here is the menu.

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