Bromley Council Update Newsletter Autumn 2014

In this edition you will find information on how residents in the borough can make senior councillors aware of their views as they reach the difficult decisions  that have to be made about the budget for 2015/16 and beyond. The Council has to save more than £60 million over the next four years from an annual net budget of just over £200 million.

Bromley Council Update

One thought on “Bromley Council Update Newsletter Autumn 2014

  1. Council must make savings from its huge reserves by selling its farms and some of its properties out of the £660 million reserve base. Chief Exec role must be shared with Bexley saving a million pounds over next 4 years, Councillor numbers should be cut to 40, their allowances halved all saving further millions over next 4 years. No need to slash services and raise taxes other than to support the Town Hall gravy train.

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