Council survey about spending cuts – have your say by 7 Dec 2014

Bromley Council want your views on what you value most as they make budget savings of more than £60 million in the next four years.

Let them know what you think

Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey to let us know your views by 7 December 2014.

Complete the online survey


One thought on “Council survey about spending cuts – have your say by 7 Dec 2014

  1. Obviously the closure of public toilets is a joke, they should be upgrading them to make them fit for purpose, its a typical comment in this country, its costing us close them, its the bloody tax payer who initially supplies these amenities not the council. I know we shall simply urinate up any available wall surface like cave men. Something different, could you advise me how to set up a residents association, we live in Wickam road Beckenham, it is a small block six flats, and I need solid information to get this into touch, we have one resident who does not, or will not, see the benefits of this idea. Do we need a majority, of say four of the six units, to continue with this plan, or do we need all parties to agree. Please get back to me it will be much appreciated. Many thanks

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