Local people campaign to save Public Toilets – News Shopper Photo Call 2.30pm, 11th January 2015.

Our Association and has been contacted by many local people objecting to the closure of the public toilets at Thornton’s Corner. The News Shopper are running an article on this issue and are holding a photo call for those objecting to the closure at 2.30pm, this Sunday 11th January outside the public toilets.

It is likely the Council will recommend closure of the toilets to save money.  Very little information has been provided to local people, significantly how much the toilets cost to run, how often they are used, what alternative provisions will be made and how accessible alternative toilet facilities will be. There is also no information about what the Council intend to do with the building once the toilets are closed (in Elmers End the freehold was put up for sale).

We will be lodging an objection to the closure of the toilets noting that local people have not been adequately consulted and that not all relevant information has been considered. We also encourage residents to  raise their concerns directly with the Council  by 15 January 2015 via email to csc@bromley.gov.uk. Please provide your name and address in your email to the Council so they register your comments officially. You may also wish to cc us in at chairman@coperscope.org.uk and also contact your local councillor(s).






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