Sale or demolition of Beckenham Public Toilet Building – 3 days left to object

The Council have confirmed their intention to close the public toilets and either sell them (presumably with favourable planning permission in the wings) or demolish them.

Despite receiving 44 objections against closing the public toilets and only 1 in favour  the Environment PDS Committee has recommended that the Council Executive agrees to:

  1. The closure of Beckenham, Bromley and West Wickham High Street public toilets from 31st March 2015;
  2. Declare the Beckenham public toilet surplus and offer it to the market, on the basis that if offers are not forthcoming that it should be demolished; and
  3. Authorise the expansion of the Community Toilet Scheme as the alternative provision.

Local residents have been contacting us concerned that the toilets will close as there is a genuine need for public toilets in Beckenham, the Community Toilet Scheme  has proven  inadequate and is unwanted, a  relatively cheap public service will be closed against local people’s wishes even though an increase in Council Tax is inevitable, there is no information on what will replace the toilet block, or whether the Council may include the flower beds in the sale/demolition and a public space will be lost, that closing the toilets is short-sighted given the £3.2 million investment in Beckenham Town Centre.

There are 3 days left to object. Email (until 30 Jan 2015) to express your objections to, you may also wish to copy in your local Councillors and the Council Leadership/Portfolio Holder that make up the Executive.      

 Further information can be found below:

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