Closure of road junction at Lawn Road and Copers Cope Road

Some residents may have received a letter advising of the decision to trial the closure of the road junction at Lawn Road and Copers Cope Road.  This came as some what of a surprise to our Association as previously we had been advised (and published in our newsletter) by Bromley Council that the favoured scheme to deal with the notorious accident hotspot at the junction of Copers Cope Road, Bridge Road and Lawn Road was:

  • to leave the junction almost the same with possible minor adjustments to curb lines
  • the whole junction to be re-tarmaced with coloured anti-skid covering
  • and possibly using 2 sets of warning signs

Noting there was not enough room for a mini roundabout at the junction unless Lawn Road was closed and such a closure may have a detrimental to affect on traffic flows in surrounding roads.

Our ward councillors subsequently met with the Council Traffic engineers and it was decided to install a mini roundabout requiring the closure of  the Lawn Road junction with Copers Cope Road.

Naturally we are very pleased the Council and ward councillors are taking action to make the junction of Copers Cope Road, Bridge Road and Lawn Road safer. However, we have raised our concerns with our ward councillors and Bromley Council that this decision was taken without sufficient consultation of local people. As far as we are aware there has been no formal consultation at all, which seems remiss for such a significant change to the road layout.

That aside it does not mean the proposal is not an effective solution to the accident hotspot and we are keen to hear your views. The Council are planning to implement the proposal imminently so any feedback (positive and negative) should be provided to the Council and ward councillors as soon as possible.  We would be grateful if you could copy us in also.

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  • Ward Councillors emails:,,
  • Our email:


2 thoughts on “Closure of road junction at Lawn Road and Copers Cope Road

  1. It is also worth mentioning, in addition to the above, that the petition got up after the death earlier this year gained a considerable number of signatures from local residents, and parents of local schools. Well over 5000, if memory serves.

  2. With regards to a lack of formal consultation, I think in this case that would have been an unnecessary formality when the dangers posed to road users and pedestrians at that junction is so great. Having seen many accidents there myself, having to walk past that junction with my child on the way to school, having held the poor motorcyclist’s hand as he lay dying at that junction, I feel very strongly that this has been left too long already.

    The initial proposal you mention would have had no effect. This is clearly what the council believes as well.

    The average speed on Copers Cope is well above the speed limit (from council documents.) Perhaps it is some selfish, inconsiderate and incompetent drivers ruining it for all of us.

    Doing nothing and delaying would be tantamount to criminal negligence.

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