Victorian house on Crescent Road threatened with demolition, July 2016


An application proposing the demolition of a large Victorian house on the corner of Crescent Road and Limes Road has been submitted for planning consent

Number 20 Crescent Road was built in 1890 and occupies a prominent corner site, at the junction of Limes Road, on the boundary of the Chancery Lane Conservation Area.  It is one of the few remaining large Victorian houses on the road and a very fine example of late-victorian architecture, displaying many details characteristic of the period, for example polychromatic brickwork and stone window arches.

Crescent Road has a predominance of houses rather than flats, which is at odds with the impression given in the application documents; just two plots on the road are occupied by purpose-built blocks of  flats, the rest by houses of varying ages and styles: generally late Victorian and Edwardian detached and semi-detached towards the east and 1920s/30s examples to the west.

The proposed replacement is a ubiquitous building of seven flats which, together with a car park and garages occupying nearly three-quarters of the existing garden, would diminish the character of the area considerably, in our opinion.

CCARA has written to the Council objecting to the proposed demolition and the scheme in general, and there has already been strong opposition from other local groups and residents, including the Chancery Lane & Limes Road Residents Association.

You can view the application in detail and submit your own comments by clicking this link:

One thought on “Victorian house on Crescent Road threatened with demolition, July 2016

  1. A beautiful house indicative of the Beckenham in the late nineteenth century.

    It would be criminal to further denigrate our area by demolition of this jewel amongst Beckenham buildings.

    David R Johnson

    [Local Historian]

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