Bromley Council Tax 2017-18 increase

Bromley Council have set their budget for 2017-18 and this includes Council Tax increases of 1.99% as well as a two per cent hike in the adult social care precept.  However the Council have said that there will be no further cuts to services.

Bromley Times reports that Council leader Cllr Stephen Carr said: “There have been no new cuts in services this year due to our careful handling of the budgets over the past few years, coupled with our robust approach to ensuring services are delivered effectively and efficiently by those best placed to provide them.

“We have, however, had to increase council tax to help balance the budget. In addition a government precept of two per cent is included to help mitigate the impact of the growth in demand for adult social care as our population ages – a particular issue in Bromley which has a larger than average older population.”

The attached document was given to Residents Associations at a Council Meeting late last year and provides further information about the 2017-18 Budget Strategy including graphs which show how little funding Bromley receives from Central Government in comparison to other boroughs.

2017-18 Bromley Budget

One thought on “Bromley Council Tax 2017-18 increase

  1. Re the 2017-18 council budget media release, useful to publicise but …
    1. Readers may be confused by the comment on Beckenham Town Centre works (whose budget is £4.4m … £3.3m from TfL + £1.1m council) being closely followed by a reference to a 9-screen cinema, 180 homes etc which is Bromley Town Centre
    2. The opening of ‘new’ library in Penge … this was opened in August 2014, not the current financial year. In the process the delightful historic spacious and airy Anerley Library was closed which served one of the Borough’s a deprived areas.
    3. Final bullet point ‘making our assets work for us’ is enigmatic. It seems to me this includes closing a public library, the mobile libraries, closing valued public toilets basic amenities in Town Centres and parks, privatising and cutting the park rangers etc etc and moving the public service money to retail investments i.e. the council becoming a commercial landlord / property speculator.

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