Conway’s Update on Beckenham Improvement Works – 26 Mar 2017

The Beckenham Improvements Works first week concluded . The first week of an initiative to improve Beckenham High Street has successfully been completed. The scheme is designed to make the town more attractive to visitors and shoppers by day and night. A major objective is to support existing businesses and encourage new businesses to invest in the town centre.

The High Street investment improvements will create a more attractive and safer pedestrian environment. Improvements will include:

  • New paving and road surfacing
  • Improved and attractive lighting
  • Improved road crossings and bus waiting facilities
  • Better facilities for cyclists
  • Improved amenity spaces including Beckenham Green

Much planning and consultation has been carried out since the scheme was proposed in 2012. The cooperation and input of the Beckenham Business Association, Copers Cope Resident Association and West Beckenham Residents Association is gratefully acknowledged, with their input key in shaping the nature of the scheme.

Businesses and interested residents who want to follow the progress of the work over the next 18 months can sign up for the regular updates that will be sent. Visit here to do this.

Beckenham is most definitely open for business and the Council’s contractor, Conway, will be liaising directly with local businesses when work is being carried out directly outside a retail business so that the exact nature of the work is understood. At all times, Conway will seek to minimise disruption with traffic arrangements throughout the work specifically designed to ensure that the town can continue to be accessed and visited.

First week update report

Work has proceeded in line with expectations, with work continuing to be finished at the Beckenham Junction and the traffic management measures installed and working reasonably well.

The Council has been monitoring traffic conditions to make sure that vehicles can access the town centre and as part of this, traffic engineers are currently examining whether further measures can be taken to minimise congestion and potential ‘rat running’. Specifically, reports about HGVs using The Drive are being investigated and the potential to rephase the traffic lights at Beckenham Junction are being examined following some reports of traffic queuing, affecting bus journeys and other motorists.

Work for the week ahead

Work on the raised footway between Coppers Restaurant and Spa will be completed by Monday of this week and the steps will be opened up. Excavation work will then take place at the corner of Bromley Rd with High Street by Nat West. Customers requiring the ATM will have to access this via the steps on the lower section of the High Street. .Additional work will be taking place at the junction of Albemarle Rd on the forecourt to Kinleigh estate agents.

Work on the Thai Restaurant Corner and around into Rectory Rd will be completed towards the end of the week, with all barriers then removed, bringing the approach to the traffic lights back to two lane traffic.

Work on the Church Green side of the High Street continues with kerbing being laid and some paving and therefore barriers will remain in place.

Traffic Diversions and Bus Diversions are now in place

Inevitably, traffic management will alter slightly as the scheme progresses, with the objective to minimise inconvenience. Current arrangements are outlined on the Council’s website including information about bus routes and a link to TfL’s website.

Thank you for your understanding and support

This is an exciting time for the town as work gets underway and although every effort will be made to minimise disruption, some disruption at times will be inevitable and your understanding and support is appreciated in advance. If further specific information is needed or it appears that there is an unforeseen problem when the work is underway, Conway’s Helen McConnell can be contacted, for help and advice. Helen, the Liaison Officer is the scheme contact for businesses and residents. Helen can be contacted on Mobile Tel 07917 518 529 or email if needed.

One thought on “Conway’s Update on Beckenham Improvement Works – 26 Mar 2017

  1. Council has ignored requests for heritage lighting, more discounted parking and retaining traffic filters. Wrong paving and lighting, no help for retail and congestion, slower traffic and worse air quality make the Beckenham town centre scheme bad for the environment, expensive to maintain and will not help traders face internet and out of town challenges.
    A total re-think is needed before it is too late as Bromley has ignored representations from residents, Beckenham Society and traders.
    Public money is being squandered on a bad scheme, kerb build outs should be reduced to keep traffic flowing not crawling. We have seen the problems these schemes caused elsewhere in London.
    Rod Reed

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