Review of a Premises Licence Notice – 210 High Street, Beckenham

The premise opened last December as ’Two-Ten’ opened last December at 210 High Street  is described as a restaurant and ‘hookah lounge’. We have been made aware of  complaints from residents and businesses nearby regarding excessive noise late at night and have been in contact with our Councillors. The Council are currently reviewing the license.

Some residents are frustrated by what appears to be a lack of action by the Council as this issue has been going on for many months.  However the Council have assured that they are actively dealing with the issue and that enforcement and legal action can take time as evidence has to be gathered.

As part of the review an unannounced visit was made to 210 High St Beckenham by uniformed police officers and a number of council officers. The purpose was to ascertain if the business was complying with the licence conditions, noise abatement notice and smoking related requirements. A number of issues were identified;  

  • A breach of the noise abatement notice.
  • Offences relating to smoking legislation.
  • Breaches of the licence conditions were found.

These breaches will form part of the licence review due to be heard on 26 April 2017.

Local people can comment on this review in writing/email ( no later than 3rd April 2017. Further information can be found online at:

3 thoughts on “Review of a Premises Licence Notice – 210 High Street, Beckenham

  1. I agree with Claire above, We had a wonderful night there recently, I kept saying to my friends I can’t believe this is in Beckenham. I’ve lived all over London and lets be honest, Beckenham is not the most open minded and forward looking of places. Those who don’t want Beckenham to change and improve and move forward have too greater voice in my opinion. Our high street will fade and die if new courageous business owners are not supported. Unless you want a high street full of charity shops, speak up and support Two-Ten.

    As for the noise, what did you expect when you bought or rented in the High St? Nightingales singing at night?

    Please let us try and be a bit more open minded and progressive.

  2. The council are being so unfair on them! The owners are nice and very welcoming all they are trying to do is make something of themselves and bring something new to the high street! All they want to do is sell alcohol… get over yourselves!!

    Otherwise your only going to end up with charity shops and bakeries on the high street!!

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