Beckenham Improvements work update 5th June 2017

Improvement Works update courtesy of F M Conway contractor for the works.

Work for weeks commencing the 5th June 2017. 

Foundation are continued to be laid for the planters on Beckenham Green. The structures have been designed in consultation with the Councils Arboriculturalist. Each root will be boxed in a pipe/chamber to protect it with leverage for growth.

Preparation works for new kerb alignment between 106 High Street and 62 High Street will continue with trial holes on Thornton’s Corner, to confirm the location of underground services.

It is anticipated that Transport for London will carry out modification works to the traffic signals on the corner of Albemarle Road and the High Street.

Previous completed works

  • Kerbing and paving on Bromley Road will be completed.
  •  Foundations for the planters on Beckenham Green have been commenced.

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