Bromley Council response to Grenfell Tower

We have written to the Leader of the Council, Cllr Carr and MP Bob Stewart to find out what the Council is doing to ensure all blocks in Bromley Borough are safe. We have also requested the Council website be updated as a matter of urgency as there is currently no information in regard to the Council’s response to Grenfell nor how concerned residents can make contact.

Cllr Carr has confirmed that an immediate review of fire and safety standards of all properties (Council and Housing Providers) in which Bromley residents are placed in Borough or beyond is underway and ongoing. Cllr Carr has also confirmed the Council website will be updated and that Bromley Council has offered help and support to Kensington Borough.

Our MP Bob Stewart has confirmed that central government has issued an instruction to all local authorities to check whether all high-rise buildings in their area have complied with recent fire orders.  Further central government are identifying all high-rise buildings owned or managed by Housing Associations or Local Authorities and conducting a fire safety review of all buildings similar to Grenfell Tower.


One thought on “Bromley Council response to Grenfell Tower

  1. Well done for taking up this issue in Bromley borough.
    However media coverage of K&C Council, the KCTMO Tenant Management Organisation, contractor Rydon and the cladding subcontractor, Harley, has reports by them that ‘all fire safety and building regulations were complied with’.
    If that is true, then it would suggest the regulations are inadequate.
    The test needs also to be ‘is the building / cladding demonstrably safe?’ and not just ‘do they comply with the regulations?’
    Other news coverage says that the regulations are nearly 20 years old, and that a coroner from the 2009 Lakanal House Fire recommended reviewing the regulations 4 years ago and no review has been done or completed in that period by the government.
    Coverage says the then Housing Minister was former Croydon North MP Gavin Barwell, who now holds the non-MP role as the Cabinet Chief of Staff.
    Just reporting the coverage I have seen to date.

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