Beckenham Improvements work update 25th September 2017

Improvement Works Update courtesy of F M Conway, contractor for the works.

Work for week commencing the 25th September 2017.

Phase 3 works:

  • Granite paving will continue to be laid at Thorntons Corner.
  • A temporary materials compound will be located near the junction of High Street and Fairfield Road.
  • The construction of the new planters on Beckenham Green will continue.

Completed Works

  • Thames Water has completed the sewer repairs outside Beckenham Green. The road surfacing in this location has been completed.
  • A large area of granite paving, kerbing and parking spaces have been installed in front of the toilets and Kelsey square.

Further stakeholder consultation

Another meeting with the business community has been arranged for the 25th September 2017 at 18.45 at the Public Halls, 4 Bromley Road, BR3 5JE. The businesses likely to be affected by the Phase 3 works will be contacted directly. All businesses are welcome to attend and ask questions but the meeting is generally about the operating practices during the current phase of works.

Traffic Management Issues.

From Tuesday 29th August the High Street from the War Memorial to Thornton’s Corner will be one way. The direction of traffic will move northeast, from the War Memorial to Thornton’s Corner with diversions on Rectory Road. This one way system will be in place until the end of November 2017 when works will be suspended for the Christmas period. In January 2018 temporary one way traffic flow will be reintroduced.

Concerns have been raised regarding traffic flow at the junction with Thornton’s Corner. TfL have investigated this issue and have adjusted them to regulate the green light timings to account for traffic flow at certain times of the day. The left turn from one section of the High Street to the other is, presently much sharper for buses, due to the works outside Kelsey Park House on the opposite corner. Buses are currently slowing to avoid safety barriers therefore forcing vehicles from Manor Road and Kelsey Park Road to wait. As the work progresses along this section of the High Street, the situation will improve.

(For reference some works such as traffic signals and power connections are conducted by outside agencies such as Transport for London and UKPN. The project does not have control of these works).

The High Street from Thorntons Corner to Beckenham Junction has remained one directional. Consideration by the Councils Highways Department and TfL has concluded that this is the best solution during the remainder of the works. It is considered that despite diversions signs some cars would continue to drive south from Bromley Road junction and cause traffic management problems when confronted with the one directional traffic management for the High Street between Thorntons Corner and the War Memorial.

New road closures and bus diversions are in place. Helen McConnell can supply a copy of the new bus stops at the below email address.

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