Electoral Boundary changes in Copers Cope – have your say by 17 Feb 2020

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England  are proposing boundary changes to the Copers Cope ward and the surrounding wards as part of the national review.  The consultation on changes is at its final stage and local people can now have their say on the draft recommendations by 17 Feb 2020.

Full details of the changes, including Bromley Councils recommendations to the Commission can be found here.  For ease, the draft recommendation report for Bromley Borough has been attached here (1. Bromley Report – Draft 1)

A map showing the areas that change in Copers Cope ward is show below (green is gained, blue is lost).












In Copers Cope Ward the main changes are:

  • To rename the ward to Beckenham Town and Copers Cope
  • The ward would lose the areas in blue, the largest to Shortlands Ward and the smallest to Kelsey and Eden Park
  • The ward would gain the green area from the Clock House ward. This would mean that the Spa, Library and Venue 28 would move from Clock House to Beckenham Town and Copers Cope (the shopping parade almost opposite will remain in Clock House (to be renamed Clock House and Elmers End).

Your views

We are interested in your views, please get in contact by email to chairman@coperscope.org.uk. Don’t forget to have your say by 17 Feb 2020, this is done online here.





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