Bromley Community Safety Survey – January 2020

Bromley Crime Prevention and Community Safety Survey 2020

Every four years the Safer Bromley Partnership carries out a strategic assessment, which looks at all community safety issues in the borough. As part of this process, a survey is conducted to find out the community’s concerns in relation to crime, anti-social behaviour and drugs and alcohol.

The results of the survey combined with an analysis of all crimes that happen in the borough help Safer Bromley Partnership set the partnership’s priorities for the year.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share with colleagues and residents.  It takes about 5 minutes.  Questions are closed and straightforward for ease of completion.

One thought on “Bromley Community Safety Survey – January 2020

  1. The possible demolition of Beckenham Library in the Elm Rd, Conservation Area would be anti-social and I would encourage all residents to sign the petitions, write to Councillor Morgan, Portfolio Holder in charge of the scheme to sell off the Library site for flats and join advertised protests outside the library. Petition 6000 signatures and rising. Rod Reed

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