List of road improvement schemes in Beckenham – £295,000+ for Bromley Council to make streets better for pedestrians and cyclists – have your say.

The government is making funds available to local authorities to make changes to road layouts and to give more space to active travel and pedestrians.  This is a great opportunity for residents to put forward suggestions on how to make streets safer. Our Association will be writing to our Councillors on points residents have raised with us previously and we are keen to hear your views again,  please email

Bromley Council have access immediately to £295k in funds to help town centres return to trading safely and can apply for further grants. On June 8 the Council is meeting to go forward with this (see the full proposal here).  As well as identifying hotspots in town centres, Council Officers have prepared a list of ‘ideas’ that have been raised with them by Councillors previously. This list of potential schemes identified by the Council may not be inclusive at this stage, but there are lots of welcome improvements for Beckenham (that residents have raised previously) and we assume all the bids for different schemes will need to be worked up before applying for a grant and this will allow time for local peoples feedback to be included.

The Beckenham schemes have been listed below. Does this list include all the issue hotspots? Are there other opportunities?Are all the schemes favourable?  Residents from Park Rd and surrounds will note the closure of Park Rd at Southend Rd is included, but no schemes have been included to manage the displacement of traffic on to Copers Cope Rd and Brackley Rd. Please let us know about schemes you support, other opportunities and any concerns with potential schemes by email to

Temporary measures in locations where walking and cycling schemes have been previously supported by Members

  • CLOCK HOUSE Provide a temporary cycle route from Clock House Station to join the Kent House to Greenwich Cycleway. [indicative cost: £15k]
  • CLOCK HOUSE Provide a temporary cycle route from Kent House Station via Ravenscroft Road and Marlow Road to the Croydon boundary. [indicative cost: £30k]
  • COPERS COPE A third aspect of this new cycle route could be adding a parallel zebra crossing to Southend Road, with associated road safety measures, by the junction with Foxgrove and Park Roads, which will also assist pedestrians in this area; this is supported by the Ward Members and has also been approved by PDS previously (pre-design). The temporary closure of Park Road can also be trialled, in respect to a delayed road safety 13 improvement planned for this crossroads, which is a casualty cluster site. [indicative cost: £50k]
  • COPERS COPE Add a temporary cycle route along Albemarle Rd as discussed during development of Shortlands Liveable Neighbourhood. In conjunction with proposed measures on Bromley Road and Glassmill Lane they will create a temporary cycle route from Market Square Bromley to the transport interchange at Beckenham Junction. [indicative cost: £30k]
  • COPERS COPE Add temporary cycle lanes to the north and south directions of Bromley Road between Shortlands Road and Albemarle Road and the introduction of a temporary controlled crossing at the junction of Albemarle Road and Bromley Road. Filter the junction of Scotts Avenue with Bromley Road to through traffic. These measures will also increase additional pedestrian space around Bishop Challenor School. [indicative cost: £31k]
  • COPERS COPE Adding a pedestrian refuge across Southend Rd near the Lewisham border, where many residents cross to use Beckenham Place Park. (This will replace the small splitter island currently in situ.) [indicative cost: £20k]
  • COPERS COPE An experimental cycle route from Beckenham to Greenwich, via Copers Cope Road, to link with the above scheme at New Beckenham station. This route proposal has already been approved by Members, but has been delayed by some design issues. The proposal is to install a temporary cycle lane as a measure to assist those wishing to cycle to London, whilst also allowing Bromley to assess usage and function as we decide the precise alignment of the permanent cycleway. [indicative cost: £70k]
  • COPERS COPE Completion of the cycle route from Kent House Station, to Greenwich (already approved by Members and partly built). This route includes two parallel zebra crossings and is mostly funded from 2019/20 LIP. Proposal is to introduce some quick-install measures to make this route useable much sooner, whilst build continues. [indicative cost: £120k]
  • COPERS COPE On the other side of Beckenham discussion has been ongoing with Members about a scheme to help pedestrians cross the arms of the Manor Rd / Wickham Rd / Bromley Rd junction. Temporary measures might be trialled here to prevent bunching of pedestrians, without any impact on traffic capacity. [indicative cost: £40k]

Town Centre Social Distancing Hotspots


  • In Beckenham High Street adding barriers to selected inset parking bays to create wider footways, such as by the post office and between The Drive and the war memorial.
  • Beckenham High St: Beckenham Pharmacy 171-173 High St. Granite Bench on the edge of village way / High St creates a pinch point.
  • Beckenham High St: Boots Pharmacy 181 High St pedestrian pinch point due to queues and narrow pavement.
  • Queues outside M&S opposite church.
  • Keep left signs and floor vinyl at various points around the town centre.
  • Major Bus stops – Signs / Floor vinyl / Pavement widening Minimum sign requirement: 60x One way / keep left; 150x Floor stickers; 60x Keep 2m apart


  • Keep to the left signs and floor vinyl on both sides of highway.
  • Sainsbury’s Local 185-205 Beckenham Road – floor vinyl Minimum signs required: 8x One way / keep left; 10x Floor stickers; 6x Keep 2m apart


  • Keep to the left signs and floor vinyl by Shopping parade.
  • Macks Pharmacy 2 Eden Park Ave – Floor Vinyl.
  • Lotus Pharmacy 119 Croydon Road – Floor Vinyl.
  • Issues crossing bridge by Tesco Superstore: add improved crossing facilities to allow pedestrians to use either footpath. Minimum signs required: 8x One way / keep left; 10x floor stickers; 6x Keep 2m apart EDEN PARK  Keep to the left signs and floor vinyl by Shopping parade.
  • Sainsbury’s Local 515-519 Upper Elmers End Road Minimum signs required: 8xOne way / keep left; 10x Floor stickers; 6x Keep 2m apart

Temporary measures for Schools

CLOCK HOUSE Churchfields Primary School: advisory 20mph part time electronic signs.

CLOCK HOUSE Stewart Fleming – Witham Rd. Signs.

COPERS COPE Worsley Bridge Primary School: advisory 20mph part time electronic signs.

KELSEY AND EDEN PARK Marian Vian – Shirley Cres. Signs.

6 thoughts on “List of road improvement schemes in Beckenham – £295,000+ for Bromley Council to make streets better for pedestrians and cyclists – have your say.

  1. Could we not have a mini roundabout at the junction of Blakeney road and Rectory Road to ease the problem of traffic turning right and reduce accidents

  2. Please excuse punctuation typos in my comments, I am awaiting a new pair of reading glasses!

  3. I e agree with the comment made by Mike Jones re Worsley Bridge School.I have already petitioned for 20 mph speed limits outside schools, and in my own comment above,recommended that some of the money is used to provide lollypop lady/men outside all Bromley schools. The council no longer pays for these pillars of the community, so only schools who have a sponsor receive one;. I believe the council makes a small contribution. Providing a lollypop lady/ man would make it safer for children to walk to school, a healthier option to have physical exercise, and this would reduce the number of cars around the area, and obviously reduce pollution. A child will inhale less pollution by walking than by riding inside a car.

  4. i suggest some of the money is used to bring back lollipop ladies/ men outside all Bromley schools.Those schools who currently have one have received the money through a sponsor, not the council and only some schools have a sponsor.This will make walking to school a safe and healthy option, reducing the amount of cars doing the ‘school run’.There is more pollution during ‘school run’ times than any other time.

  5. Safer road crossing points by Eden Park High. More children will arrive in September and still no safe place for them to cross. Balmoral Avenue traffic at collection times is utter chaos and especially more dangerous with children and cars during the darker months. Upper elmers end rd is a very wide and fast road this needs to be looked in to. Possibly a pelican crossing would help all problems.

  6. These suggestions seem pretty good. I’m sure the changes at Park Rd/Foxgrove/Southend are very urgent as this is a terrible junction for both cyclists and pedestrians.
    I think it will be essential for the cycleways to have some protection from vehicles and to not just be painted on the tarmac. This will be essential for new-ish cyclists to have the confidence to use them.
    Brackley road needs some traffic calming measures urgently as it is a race track for vehicles often at the moment. Obviously a particular concern when Worsley Bridge school is opening/closing but also at other times too. So I would suggest some calming measures which would operate through the day, and maybe be stepped up at school times.

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