Bromley Council Open Space Strategy – have your say by 7 Jan 2021

Bromley Council are consulting on how its parks and open spaces are looked after in future years.  Local people are invited to feed into the Councils Open Space Strategy by 7 January 2021.

The Open Space strategy scope is broad and covers; parks, open spaces, allotments, amenities within open spaces (such as buildings, cafe’s, childcare clubs, exercise equipment, lighting, play areas and equipment, seating, sports facilities etc), Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), bridleways, paths, Rights of Way and cemeteries.

Our Association and our Beckenham Green Friends group will be responding to the consultation and we are interested in your views, please email us at . We would also like encourage local people to respond to the consultation directly. Please see links below for further information.


2 thoughts on “Bromley Council Open Space Strategy – have your say by 7 Jan 2021

  1. Truly shocking that Bromley Council having neglected the Bowie Bandstand in Croydon Road Recreation Ground expect the community to pick up the whole repair bill. Attitudes need to change in the Town Hall and embrace the Bowie legacy . Our parks can reflect Beckenham’s rich cultural heritage as part of Kent and having many famous local names with themed events, plays and fairs. Plays used to be held in Kelsey Park before the Second World War so why not now? encourage the Arts!

  2. Kelsey Park Beckenham is located on the line of the Lewes to London Roman Road dating from c.80ad.
    Bromley Council should have an interpretation panel noting this and the Roman landscape which included a township the road connected to at West Wickham and that this was a busy highway bringing up tools and weapons from the foundries of Sussex. We should celebrate our history!

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